2020-21 School Year Updates

School Reopening Guide

Reopening plan updated 9/23/20

Switch to Block Schedule and Synchronous Learning

Updated 9/25/20

We are excited to announce that CDH will switch to synchronous learning on September 30.

The much-anticipated Swivl technology arrived Sept. 23. After the installation of the technology and training of our teachers, we will launch our synchronous learning structure. While the first several weeks of school this year featured an ‘in-class day’ followed by an ‘at-home learning day,’ this technology will enable the teachers in the classroom to include all students into each class no matter where they are learning. 

Synchronous learning means that every student (both hybrid and online) will attend at least part of each class every day in real-time. The Swivl technology enables the students at home to “zoom” into class and participate in the lesson with their teachers and classmates. Students at home will follow their schedule as if they were on campus. Students at home must also be available for the entire school day. Links for Zoom meetings can be found in each class’s Google Classroom.

Switch to Block Schedule on September 30
As planned, CDH will also implement our new ‘Block Schedule’ since the Swivl technology arrived.  We will begin the block schedule starting on September 30. This schedule is a two-day block schedule that allows students and teachers “flextime” during the day for one-on-one tutoring, clubs and meetings, homework time, etc. We are calling this new schedule PURPLE and GOLD to differentiate the two schedules.


Period Start End Length
1 8:15 9:30 75 min.
3 9:35 10:50 75 min.
Lunch/Flex 10:50 12:05 70 min.
5 12:10 1:25 75 min.
7 1:30 2:45 75 min.


2 8:15 9:30 75 min.
4 9:35 10:50 75 min.
Flex/Lunch 10:50 12:05 70 min.
6 12:10 1:25 75 min.
1:30 2:45 75 min.


block schedule will also ensure fewer classes per day and longer class periods. This will provide time to connect all students to the lessons, both in-person and synchronously. This schedule will add FLEX time for all learners to check in with their teachers each day whether students are on campus or working at home. Help is also available during Community Time at 1:30 pm on GOLD days.

The block schedule also limits the number of contacts students and teachers have every day. As we move into cooler weather, this is an important mitigation strategy. We also plan to temporarily end our CASA program and will resume it when the pandemic eases.

Teacher Inservice Days: Monday, September 28 and Tuesday, September 29
There will be no school for students on Sept. 28 and 29.  A teacher in-service was already scheduled for Sept. 28 and we are adding an additional day to allow for training of the Swivl technology and implementation of the block schedule. School will resume on September 30 and continue with the A-L, M-Z pattern. The days will be indicated on the school calendar.

Voluntary Distance Learner
All families who selected full-time distance learning for this trimester will continue distance learning. We are not able to add any more voluntary distance learners at this time. The option to choose distance learning for families will again be offered prior to the next trimester.

In closing, we want to acknowledge the cooperation and flexibility that has made our first several weeks possible.

Our teachers have been inspirational in their dedication to the education of all their students while delivering instruction in completely new ways. This means reworking lesson plans for in-class students, full-time distance learners, and students who may be temporarily working from home because of a COVID-19 quarantine. Our parents have been supportive and patient as we implement a brand new structure and COVID safety protocols.  And while the students wish for more time on campus, they have shown us all how to respond to new challenges with resiliency and grace.  Our community has truly risen to this challenge and we are heartened to see the daily successes that come from everyone doing their part.

On behalf of the entire CDH community and our families, we thank you for following the MDH guidelines to prevent the spread of COVID-19, both at school and at home.  

We cannot keep our CDH community safe if, as individuals and as families, we ignore these important health and safety precautions when we are away from campus. Wear your mask, maintain social distance, and avoid large social gatherings. This is absolutely critical to our ability as a school to continue to provide in-person learning. 

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