Students of the Month

Each month our faculty recognizes students in their class for excellent work, enthusiasm, leadership, and perseverance. These students are recognized and rewarded with:

  • A congratulatory letter from the principal
  • Their name and teacher comment are posted on the Students of the Month board located outside the main office
  • An invitation to celebrate at a donut reception for student and faculty.

Please note: Students of the Month will be updated as they become available.

December 2017 and January 2018 Students of the Month

Samuel Andrzejek 9 Science and Engineering
Margaret Archbold 10 Honors English 10
Vincent Berndt 11 US Literature Honors
Madison Birk 10 Christian Scripture
Maria Blohowiak 9 Values
Paige Bullis 10 English 10
Astrid Busse 9 Values
Monica Calkins 10 Honors analysis
Augustus Cantwell 9 Values
Grace Chaffin 11 Science and Engineering
Sophie Clausen 10 Honors English 10
Sarah Diamond 9 Values
Carl Enestvedt 12 English 12
Audrey Faison 9 Drawing I
Isabella Joy Flynn 9 Values
Elliot Fobbe 11 US Literature Honors
Sofia Foldi Flynn 10 English 10
Catherine Gent 11 US Literature Honors
Enoch Griffin 10 Independent Study Math
Keegan Hilger 9 Values
Sean Hughes 12 French 5 Independent Study
Isabelle Ilaug 11 US Literature
Frances Jay 10 Honors English 10
Ella Klein 9 Honors Geometry
Emma Kleindl 11 US Literature Honors
Louis Lynch 9 Values
Carley McGovern 9 Values
Samuel McTeague 9 Values
Scott Navin 11 US Literature & Composition
Julia Nicklawske 10 English 10
Rajiv Redd 11 Advanced Chemistry
Rajiv Redd 11 US Literature Honors
Allison Reding 11 US Literature Honors
Joseph Reeder 9 Values
Jacob Rippy 12 US Literature & Composition
Michael Schwantes 10 Christian Scripture
Joseph Sexton 11 US Literature & Composition
Steven Shaughnessy 10 Painting I
Avery Shoemaker 11 Honors US Literature and Composition
Jayden Shultz 10 Strength & Conditioning
Alice Spong 9 Values
Mollie Taft 9 Science and Engineering 
Jackson Thoma 9 Values
Anne Tuttle 12 AP Calculus
Anneke van Oosterom 10 Strength & Conditioning
Miguel Vazquez 12 English 12 
Justice Wesson 11 US Literature & Composition 
Anna Weyandt 11 Honors US Literature and Composition
Benjamin Wicker 10 Honors English 10
Catherine Zastrow 11 Algebra 2/Trig

Past Students of The Month Lists

October/November 2017