Junior To Do List

Junior Meeting Questionnaire

This questionnaire on Naviance asks you to respond to a series of questions regarding your college preferences.  Answering these questions will help you to begin thinking about your future and allow your counselor to learn more about you in advance of your junior meeting.  Go to your Naviance account and click on the “about me” tab, then click the survey on the left.

Junior Family Meeting

Each CDH junior and his or her parents/guardians will be asked to schedule a meeting with a counselor to discuss your future.  Your family will receive an email linking you to your counselor's available appointments and you can schedule your appointment online. Be sure that you have completed your Junior Meeting Questionnaire prior to your meeting.  This is your time to get off to a good start and get your questions answered. 

Personality Type

Find out how your personality relates to career choices. In your Naviance account, under the ‘Careers” tab, in the “what are my interests?” section, click on “"Do What You Are." Please try to answer all of the questions in one sitting for the best results.  When you are done, you will see a rank ordering of careers that might fit your personality. 

Brown Bag Lunch Series

This series will bring additional speakers to CDH to inform you on various topics of interest.  Just bring your lunch to the Commons during homeroom and lunch (11:05 to 11:55) to hear presentations on various topics.

 Career Interest Profile

This is another inventory that will help you get some idea of careers you might like.  In your Naviance account, under the ‘Careers” tab, in the “what are my interests?” section, click on “career interest profiler”.  When you have answered all the questions you will be matched with careers where your interests most closely align with people happy in those jobs. 

CDH Education Fair

In April, CDH will host close to 100 colleges and universities in the Activity Center.  Juniors and their parents are invited to talk with schools about what they offer.  This is an informal and convenient way to explore college options and to meet with admissions officers.