Most colleges require a personal essay. This is a guide to choosing your topic and writing a good essay. Make sure you allow yourself plenty of time to write, make revisions, and get a quality proofreader!

Tips for Writing Your College Application Essay



Preparing & Sending Your Activities Resume

Why is a resume important?              

    • A resume helps your counselor to write a complete counselor evaluation.
    • It is a very professional supplemental document to your college applications.
    • It helps you keep track of your activities and completing your college applications.
    • It is used to apply for future opportunities including employment, scholarships and internships.

 How do I create a resume?

    • Go to your Naviance account > about me > my stuff > resume.
    • Use the resume builder to complete a resume of your activities, work & volunteer experiences, athletics etc.
    • Start building your resume early and add to it as time goes by.
    • Once your resume is complete in Naviance, your counselor will be able to view your activities and accomplishments during high school.

How do I format my resume from my Naviance account?

    • Enter your activities into your Naviance resume builder at Add/Update Sections.
    • Click > Print/Export Resume & then the plus sign.
    • Name your resume, choose the template & click continue.
    • Click on the boxes of information you entered to include those items on your resume.
    • Click > Update resume.
    • Open the resume you saved by clicking > Download DOCX.
    • Edit your resume:
      • Adjust margins, spacing, use bold and underling for emphasis.
      • Review your resume to make sure there are no spelling errors, your formatting is consistent and your résumé looks professional.

Save your edited resume to your own files.

How do I send my resume to a college?

    • You are responsible for sending your resume to your colleges.
    • In some cases, a college application will have a place for you to upload your resume. If not, you can send a paper copy via the US Mail or email it as an attachment to the admissions representative/office and ask that it be added to your file.