Senior Class Mentors with PFP

Read their bios to learn more about each mentor.

For 9th and 10th Grade Students:

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Vince B.

What’s up guys?!?! My name is Vince. I am really excited to get to know some of you guys. I am on the varsity soccer team and am a VERY intense IBL basketball player. I have also played basketball and baseball for our school teams. I can’t wait to hangout and do some fun stuff with you guys. I promise I will help you make your high school years the best that they can possibly be and a little more. I’m up for anything and I won’t let you down. I can’t wait to meet you all soon and start help make your next couple years successful and memorable!


Hey groovy dudes, I’m MC. I spend the vast majority of my life either doing homework and playing in the band room or dancing in the fitness center. When I have free times you can find me guzzling coffee, watching YouTube, or quoting vines. I had an extremely cringey first couple of years in school, so I know exactly what not to do! As your PFP I’ll be your certified therapist, study coach, hypeman, and anything else you need. I can’t wait to meet you guys!!

Myracle C.

Yo yo yo this is Myracle. No “I” but “y”. I am senior and I loveeeee talking to people and laughing. It’s what I do best. Honestly ask anyone. I am awesome at giving advice and listening to people talk about any and everything. If you like having fun, laughing, dancing, singing, or just being weird I am the PFP for you! Hope to see you soon!

Ella D.

Helllooooo ladies! :-) I’m Ella & I would love to be your pfp this year! Here at CDH I am a captain of the swim team and if napping was a sport I think I would be one of that too.... You can catch me playing buzzfeed quizzes with a nice cold La Croix in my hand. I live for rainy days, chocolate babka, the office, traveling, and animals! At home, you could find me riding my horses, or chickens (depends on the day ;) I am the fifth and final raider in my family which means I have seen and heard it all! I can’t wait to get to know you and spend time together this year.

Will D.

Hey underclassmen, my name is Will and I’d love to be your PFP! I'm involved in choir, band, and theatre. I love old movies like the original Star Wars, Jurassic Park, Jaws, etc. I’m also a total Greek mythology geek and love to play chess. I can’t wait to show you the ropes and loopholes you’ll need to thrive in the next four or three years at CDH.

Ben G.

Whaddup?! I am Ben. I am 6 feet 170 pounds, I play baseball and basketball, and can also make some great waffles. I love naps and long walks on the beach. I’ve been through it all, if you got questions I got answers.

Lola G.

Hey everyone! I’m Lola, and I would love to meet you! At CDH, you can find me in the theater behind the scene as a crew head, on stage as an actress, writing for the Chronicle, dancing at Swing Club, along with many other activities. Outside of school, I love to spend my time with friends & family, sewing, finding music for playlists, taking photos, and going to new coffee shops! I also work as a part time stylist because sewing and fashion design are my biggest passions! I’m a huge fan of cookie dough, singing in the car, cute movies from the 80s/90s, quotes, and iced coffee! I’m so excited to get to know you and have an awesome school year :)

Demond G.

What’s crackin' PFP fam? My name is Demond but I go by many names (Mondo, Demonster, etc). I play football, used to run track, I’m a shoehead, a big time snacker and a low key writer and I love to make people laugh. In my spare time I run it up with the bros in 2k and madden, listen to music, cheesecake or hit up the gym.

Emma H.

Hello friends! My name is Emma, but most people call me Emham! I am super excited to meet you cool people, and I can’t wait to show you the ropes of this lovely high school. I am involved in a variety of activities here at CDH. I am on the volleyball and softball teams, Student Council, and cribbage club. When I am not busy hitting the books (and iPad) at school, I like to run, go on outdoor adventures, go to concerts, make bracelets, drink coffee, zen doodle, and hang out with my friends. When the weather is nice, you can most likely find me chillaxing in my hammock with a good good book and an iced chai tea latte with pearls from Sencha. If you are lucky, you may also catch me wherever singing off-key to myself or awkwardly dancing. AND in case you were wondering, I can can quote every line from the movie Elf and the tv show New Girl. If you think you could vibe with a fun and reliable girl like me, you should pick me to be your PFP! I promise you that we will have a good time!!:))

Sam H.

What’s up fellas!? Sam is in the house and I want you to be your PFP! There’s a couple things I want you to know about me: I play Varsity Football here at CDH and play the piano too!! (I know... crazy combo huh?). I also love to go to the movies and kickback and chillax with my homies and homettes all the time. I’m considered by most to be a gentle giant and am always cracking hilarious comments wherever I go. I’m also a super easy guy to talk to so please never be afraid to come up and start a conversation with me. No doubt I’m the best guy to show you the ropes of CDH on sweets. I’m absolutely psyched to be a part of the PFP GANG and I cannot wait to meet you guys!

Frannie H.

Hey peeps! I’m Frannie and I’m so pumped to be a pfp this year!! I love socializing with others and I can’t wait to make new connections with pfpers. You can usually catch me playing basketball or soccer for CDH. A few things about me are that I am often watching the TV show the office, summer and lakes are my favorite, I love Arnie Palmers and noodles, I want to live abroad someday, and I think scary movies are so fun to watch. Hope you sign up to hang with me!! 

Unity M.

How you doin!! 10th and 9th graders. My name is Unity. I am a senior. I love football games and lacrosse games (they lit). You definitely catch me in the hallways or at football games hyping it up duh. I love socializing with everyone. Getting to know other people I do well. Dancing, playin around, laughing, cracking jokes, just having fun is what I do. I would love to be your PFP this year!! Deuces

Louie M.

What’s good ninth graders! My name is Louie. I am on the swim team. I like to hammock with friends and go to Canes. I can jam to pretty much any kind of music except heavy metal. You’ll never be able to part me from my My Pillow. I love the outdoors hiking, kayaking, and chilling. It’ll always be a dude nice time when we meet.

Frannie M.

Hey friends, I’m Frannie!! I have many special talents and interests. I am the captain of the swim team, and I can whip you up a mean batch of ramen. I LOVE The Office, and could easily destroy anyone in Office trivia. When I’m not at school, I love to explore Saint Paul, jam out in cars with my friends, go to concerts, or go to caribou and get an iced caramel cold press. If you choose me to be your PFP, I promise that we will have a good time!! :)

Francesca M.

Hey!! My name is Francesca, and I would love to be your PFP. I’m on the CDH golf team, involved in NHS, student council, and am a former CDH tennis player. I work outside of school as a tutor and a consultant for the makeup/skincare brand Beautycounter. In my free time, I love to bake, draw, play work out, hang out with friends, and watch movies. I’m obsessed with M&Ms, Disney movies, and The Office. I have a younger sister, and an older cousin who I’m very close with, so I understand the importance of having someone you trust and can talk to about anything. High school is full of highs and lows, and I want to be there for you through it all. I hope I get the chance to meet you and can be apart of your high school experience!!

Abby R.

Where all my girls at !!!! Heyyyy everyone I’m Abby. After school you could probably catch me at swim or golf practice. When I have free time I love going to any and every type of concert, binge watching Netflix, eating lotttts of good food, exploring St. Paul, and spending every other waking minute with my friends. A little more about me: I am the second oldest out of four siblings, I’m a lifeguard in the summer, and overall a girl who likes to joke around and have fun (see my pic above from when it rained at prom as proof). I have good advice about lots of things so if you have any questions about classes, teachers, swim, golf, student council, theater, school dances, football games, a show recommendation on Netflix, where to find cute homecoming dresses, really anything...I’m your gal!!! So hyped to meet you :)

Ann Marie R.

HEY!! I’m Anne Marie and I’d love to be your pfp ((: Choose me if you wanna have a good time, I’m laid back and always wanna have fun. After school you’d catch me hanging with friends or on the lacrosse field. I’m the lacrosse captain so choose me especially if you play glax(: I love netflix, country music, concerts, football games/cdh sports events, dogs and food. Cannot wait to meet you guys!!!

Lexie S.

Hey there! My name is Alexa, and I want to be your PFP! I may not be the Amazon Echo, but I think I have some great wisdom. I used to play volleyball; I now am a manager for the wrestling team and involved with theater. When I am not in school, I am always on an adventure and with friends or family. I love spending time with people and making others laugh. I would love to get to know you and help make your experience at CDH the best!

Abe S.

What’s good 9th and 10th graders! My name is Abe and I would love to be your PFP. I play on the CDH football and baseball teams. I’m a good time and will always make you laugh. I only recruit the best PFP kids so if you are with me you know what’s up. Hopefully I can hang out with all of you guys this year!!!

Annie S.

Hey friends! I'm Annie and I'm super excited to potentially be your PFP. Here at CDH I spend most of my time in the theater. When I'm not in school or rehearsal I love to hammock with my friends, dance, and do yoga. If you want to know a little bit more about me, my favorite season is fall, my favorite tv shows are Lost and Gossip Girl, my favorite food is a chocolate croissant and I'm an avid lover of iced coffee. Can't wait to meet and hangout with you!

Danny V.

What’s up guys! I’m Danny. I have a good sense of humor... I think. I love doing anything that involves being physically active such as fishing, running, working out, cooking, hanging with the boys, or even dancing (even though I suck at it). I also love Hot Cheetos and Taco Bell. I love watching any sports like soccer, football, hockey, wrestling, and baseball. I’m also a two time captain of the CDH wrestling team. I’m going into the military after high school to pursue my dreams of becoming a Navy SEAL. I’m looking forward to meeting all of you guys as your PFP.

Kaitlin W.

Hey guys! I’m Kaitlin and I’d love to be your pfp. Here’s a little bit about me, I’m the captain of the tennis team, play lacrosse, and am apart of NHS. You’ll catch me on the tennis courts or hanging with my friends. I have two puppies and my fav color is light blue. Im obsessed with the office and and greys anatomy. I love having a good time and am excited to be your pfp and help you through high school!!!

Leon X.

My name is Leon and I hope you're having a good time at CDH! I enjoy playing sports and being active. I've been playing football for as long as I can remember, but I also enjoy other sports too. I also like to breakdance, do flips, and other crazy things for fun. I love music, both listening to and playing. I play guitar and piano. Choose me as your PFP and we'll have a good time. Have a great year!