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Incoming 9th Grade Registration - Class of 2024

February 25, 2020

This episode is a conversation with Tony Leseman, CDH Admissions Director, on the March 4th Incoming 9th Grade registration night.  We walk you through the entire process and hope to cover any questions or concerns you may have before you show up to register.  Contact Tony Leseman or Sandy Cullen in the Admissions office with any questions.

The Junior College Planning Process

December 13, 2019

Today's episode is a flyover of the entire college planning process.  The information comes directly from the Junior Parent Meeting that was held on December 10, 2019. The episode covers the Junior Parent Meeting, school records, Naviance, testing and financial aid.


Cultivating Mindfulness in our CDH Students

November 18, 2019

What is this buzzword "Mindfulness"??  How could it impact our students, families and faculty at CDH?  In this episode we interview Dr. Helena Stevens from Minnesota State Mankato.  She takes us on a journey through what this practice is and how it could positively impact our CDH community.


Registration Part 2: English 12 Writing Studio and CIS Human Anatomy and Physiology

February 25, 2019

This episode is an addition to last year's podcast focusing on registration. First, we focus on CIS English 12-Writing Studio in a conversation with Mr. Hugh Hawkins.  The second conversation is a focus on CIS Human Anatomy and Physiology where Ms. Ann Marie Froehle breaks down the University of Minnesota science class.

Both classes can be taken for college credit through the University of Minnesota for a fee of $145 per class. Both will award four general elective credits from the U of M.  In addition to these two CIS classes, we also offer CIS Physics By Inquiry discussed in last year's podcast.

The University of Minnesota College in the Schools (CIS) program is described in full on page 10 of the curriculum guide and more information can be found here. 


Meet Your CDH Counseling Team

November 16, 2018

This episode is a quick introduction to the CDH Counseling Team. Who is your student's counselor? What is the difference between a school counselor and college counselor? What does a registrar do?

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All-School Testing Overview - The PreACT and the PSAT

September 28, 2018

This episode will give a brief overview of the testing day for the 9th, 10th, and 11th grades. Why we take the tests, what our goals and expected outcomes are, and how to view the results. The 9th and 10th grades will take the PreACT and the 11th grade will take the PSAT.

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The Comparison Culture

September 19, 2018

The latest episode takes a quick look at teen social media use and the concerns that surround it. New statistics focus on how much, what and why. What is really going on in the world of social media and why is it such a big deal? We look at common triggers for kids. We look at what is going on in the teen brain and the connection to social media. Finally we provide some insight into what parents can do to support and guide their kids.

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PFP - The CDH Peer Mentoring Program

September 7, 2018

This episode breaks down the history of and details for the CDH PFP program. A brief introduction to the program followed by interviews with the new leaders, Mr. Hawkins and Mrs. Shead as well as a discussion with three current 2018-19 senior PFP leaders. There is also a FAQ section which should cover everything you have been wanting to know about the program.

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Teen Mental Health Issues

February 2018

Episode #3 looks at teen mental health issues and directives on how to get help. Anxiety, depression, and isolation are some of the topics discussed. Liz Hamburger of Wildtree Psychotherapy is a 2007 graduate of CDH.

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