In a virtual learning commons, collaboration can take place 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. The collaborative process for this page will be established in the next few months.

Some reasons why the Library and Learning Center supports collaboration:

  1. Develops higher level thinking skills
  2. Promotes student-faculty interaction and familiarity
  3. Increases student retention
  4. Builds self esteem in students
  5. Enhances student satisfaction with the learning experience
  6. Promotes a positive attitude toward the subject matter
  7. Develops oral communication skills
  8. Develops social interaction skills
  9. Creates an environment of active, involved, exploratory learning
  10. Uses a team approach to problem solving while maintaining individual accountability
  11. Encourages diversity understanding
  12. Encourages student responsibility for learning
  13. Involves students in developing curriculum and class procedures
  14. Students explore alternate problem solutions in a safe environment
  15. Stimulates critical thinking and helps students clarify ideas through discussion and debate
  16. Enhances self management skills
  17. Establishes an atmosphere of cooperation and helping schoolwide
  18. Students develop responsibility for each other
  19. Builds more positive heterogeneous relationships
  20. Encourages alternate student assessment techniques
  21. Fosters and develops interpersonal relationships
  22. Modelling problem solving techniques by students' peers
  23. Students are taught how to criticize ideas, not people
  24. Sets high expectations for students and teachers
  25. Greater ability of students to view situations from others' perspectives (development of empathy)