Knitting for Others

There are many organizations that collect knitted items for those in need. A hand-knitted item really gives a message that someone cares. Just a few of the many projects for giving:

Hats for the Homeless

Sheila's Shawls & Paul's Scarves

Project Linus

Red Scarf Project

Dulaan Project

Easy, Free Beginner Patterns to Try

Garter Stitch Scarf

Basic Roll-Brim Beanie (circular)

Felted Hot Pad and Coaster (felting is fun & hides mistakes!)

Simply Garter Cowl

Frequently Asked Questions

What's the difference between Continental and English knitting?

Which methods should I choose to cast on and cast off?

Does gauge really matter?

How do I use a circular needle to knit "in the round"?
Circular needles can be used for both circular items like hats and flat items like scarves. Many knitters find this easier on the arms as well as on the budget! Check it out! Knitting "flat" using circular rather than straight needles

What is frogging and how do I do it?