Highland Friendship Club


Looking for a great organization to help you ease into the school year, meet new people and have fun – all at the same time?  Give the Highland Friendship Club a try.

Friendship Club was founded in June of 2002 by two mothers who made it their mission to put together a program with fun, accessible, activities for teens and young adults with disabilities.  It has since expanded to include a year-round schedule of activities and has established a partnership with Cretin-Derham Hall, enabling our students and faculty to help plan events and develop friendships with an inspiring group of people. 

There are many reasons to get involved in Friendship Club, including the chance to meet new people, both inside our CDH community and beyond.  One thing that is very inspiring about the Friendship Club members is that even though they may be struggling with their disabilities, when they come to an event sponsored by Cretin-Derham Hall, they can forget all about their struggles and just have a good time.  It is pretty great to be able to help with that, and to be focus on of all the things we have in common, rather than our differences. 


Mr. Leseman