Trap Shooting

CDH 2016 Spring Trap Season Information


The Cretin-Derham Hall Trap/Skeet Shooting Team is once again preparing for the upcoming Spring season which spans April through early June.  The usual commitment is one prescribed day each week to post scores, allowing for other Spring athletic pursuits.

This is our fourth year of competition, and our team has increased in size each year following a fast growing trend which is widely catching on.  This year we are adding Skeet shooting as well as Trap shooting.

Trap Shooting the fastest growing sport in the high school system over the last seven years.  The Minnesota State High School Clay Target League began this endeavor in 2008 and is doing a great job meeting the challenge to keep up with the intense following it has created.   As of this year, Trap Shooting has begun to spread out of Minnesota and across the nation as a high school athletic event.  Our home state leads this charge, in that the Minnesota State High School League is the first of such governing bodies, to endorse Trap Shooting as a varsity sport, and offers an athlete qualifying State Tournament at the season's conclusion.  This State Tournament is offered in addition to the Clay Target League's State Championship Shoot, held in Alexandria, Minnesota.  The State Championship is unique from the State Tournament, in that everyone is invited to compete in equal ability classes.  The Championship involves being assigned one day to shoot during five days of competition.  

The only pre-requisite for season participation is each athlete must possess their Hunter and Safety Education Certificate offered by the state DNR before they can compete.  School Letters are awarded at season's end to those who meet the criteria offered by the team.  As well, this sport is Co-educational in nature, offering both young men and women an opportunity to compete side by side, and possibly discover hidden talents they didn't know they had.  Trap Shooting requires good hand and eye coordination, and the maturity to stay focused on safety procedures.  We welcome all students to try it out regardless of previous experience.  You may be very pleasantly surprised.

We will continue doing our best as adult facilitators and coaches to help introduce Trap Shooting to a generation of young people that may have had limited exposure to any of the shooting sports representing a valuable part of our Nation's heritage .  There are many shooting disciplines and a good number of them include opportunities for students to win scholarships, and compete at levels including International and Olympic competition.  
 We will focus on safety, fun and competition respectively as we grow.  With the support of the school and of the many people and resources available to us, we hope to continue to include Trap Shooting in Cretin-Derham Hall's offerings to students, as they strive to prepare for the future with diverse learning opportunities.

We are hosting our first meeting to offer information and begin registration and student sign ups on Tuesday, February 16th at 6:30 in the Commons at CDH.  Hope to see you there.

Warm regards,
Patrick Rugloski & Dave Becker
Co-Head Coaches

Important Dates

February 16:  CDH Open House and Meeting  6:30 CDH Commons

March 11:   CDH Registration is complete

April 3: Practice Week 1. Each team will practice on their designated shooting day(s).

April 10: Practice Week 2.

April 17: Reserve Week. Scores are submitted via the coach’s Team Management System.

These scores are saved for future use for the entire team if a team’s scheduled Competition

Week is cancelled.

April 24: Competition Week 1. Shoot on your scheduled day(s) during the week and

compete against all teams in your conference.

April 06:             Classes and conferences announced.

April 05:             Practice Week 1.
April 12:             Practice Week 2.
April 19:             Reserve week shooting.
April 26:             Competition Week 1.
May  03:             Competition Week 2.
May  10:             Competition Week 3.
May  17:             Competition Week 4.
May  24:             Competition Week 5. Final evening.

June 01:             Fun Week.  Picnic. Shooting Games,

                          Parents, Staff, Students.
June 14-21:     Trap Shooting Championship, Alexandria
June 25-26:      MSHSL State Tournament in Prior Lake    

All Tuesday afternoons of shooting will be at 3pm at South St. Paul Gun Club.  We will shoot as a team and ask that everyone do their best to stay until everyone is through.  


Coaches Contacts

Pat Rugloski - 651-998-1852
David Becker

2016 Student Captains

Mike Lehner