Alumni Association

CDH Alumni Association

The Cretin-Derham Hall alumni association is an organization whose mission is to foster spirit and a lifelong relationship between alumni and the school. The association strives to promote the goals of the school and to encourage programs of interaction between students, alumni, faculty and staff.

Our Members

The Cretin-Derham Hall alumni board is a group of active alums. Representatives from each of our schools, Cretin, Derham Hall and Cretin-Derham Hall make up the board. The board meets three times a year, in November, February and June.

The Cretin, Derham Hall and CDH Alumni Association has combined into one association, with a governing board of alumni, representatives from each school. The overall CDH Alumni Association is comprised of members of all three schools.

  • Board members and the other members of the combined alumni association are  encouraged to attend CDH events and all association meetings.
  • Ambassadors for our school.
  • Represent our core values at Cretin-Derham Hall

Members of Alumni Association

Amy Zimniewicz McQuillan
Andrew J. Mullan
Angela M. Samec Woessner
Anne B. Troskey Balfour
Anne Bisanz Hannahan
Anne C. Deuberry
Anne E. Clemency Gernes
Annette Mortinson Whaley
Barbara A. Wylie Thompson
Brendan C. Lucio
Brian J. Bigelbach
Brian J. Nalipinski
Cara McMahon
Catherine A. Roddy
Christian A. Brandt
Christopher D. Jensen
Colleen L. Stephens
Daniel J. Pornschloegl
Daniel M. Nordlund
Elissa Schufman
Elizabeth A. Byrne
Elizabeth J. Keyes
Ellen M. Schafer
Gerard J. McGraw
Gina M. Shields Armada
Heather Wilson Grack
Jacquelyn A. Joyce Lutmer
James C. Vanek
James F. Murphy
James G. Wieland
James P. McMahon
James R. Runyon
James T. Hynes
Jennifer Dodge Ortlip
John D. Rozek
John J. Hannahan
John M. Kipka
John P. Flynn
John R. Mazzitello
John R. Samec
Joseph F. Hughes
Joseph M. Kasel
Julie M. Busse Polinsky
Julie Townsend Plante
Kate and Andy J. Staples
Kathryn A. Woessner
Kathryn T. Altier Frable
Kelly A. McDonald
Kelly A. Welsh
Laure J. Waschbusch
Laurence R. Kennedy
Lawrence H. McMahon
Lindsay E. Miesbauer Wilhelmy
Lindsey Henrikson Reihe
Malachy J. Scanlan
Marcus J. Tibesar
Margaret G. Gartland Schafer
Maria T. Sekevitch
Martha J. Hanzel Johnson
Mary F. Randall
Mary McGuire Lynch
Mary Pat Mountain Nadeau
Matthew S. Runyon
Megan Fee Smith
Meghan Hyland
Michael J. Murray
Michael L. Corrigan
Michael P. Honsa
Michael P. McQuillan
Michlyn Vogel Walsh
Molly Brandt Collmann
Natalie A. Obst
Nicole McDonough Staples
Patricia A. Runyon
Patricia Kerwin Scorpio
Patrick A. McQuillan
Patrick Brown
Rebecca A. Skally
Richard A. McCarthy
Robert M. Salmen
Samuel H. Dougherty
Scott W. Anderson
Stephanie J. Knudson Klein
Stephen T. Altier
Teresa M. Glass
Thomas E. Troskey
Thomas G. Traxler
Thomas J. Murray
Thomas P. Murray
Timothy B. Garcia
Timothy J. Morrow

Officers-Serve One Year Term, President, Serves Two Year Term.

President-Megan Fee Smith'00
Vice Chair- Brian Nalipinski'96
Secretary-Lindsay Miesbauer Wilhelmy’99

Past President-Tim Garcia'85

Board Members

Tom Troskey'63, Teresa Glass'80, Barb Wylie Thompson'61, Dick McCarthy'50, Max Salmen'02, Mary McGuire Lynch'85, John Samec'03, Brian Nalipinski'96, Christian Brandt'97, Lindsay Miesbauer Wilhelmy’99, Scott Anderson’84, Steve Altier’86, Laure Waschbusch'84, Peggy Gartland Schafer'79.

Join the CDH Alumni Association and our leaders in creating pathways for dynamic engagement opportunities that connect alumni to one another and to Cretin-Derham Hall. Position Summary


  • Taste of CDH 2018

Subcommittees of the Alumni Association

The Alumni Association has three subcommittees. Please read the subcommittee descriptions below to find where you feel your skills fit best. We are always looking for new members and volunteers and would enjoy working with you!  

Stewardship Committee: Chair Megan Fee Smith'00

This committee is involved in planning and working the Thank-A-Thon, and other donor related events that come up throughout the year in the Advancement Office.

Engagement Committee: Chair Lindsay Miesbauer Wilhelmy’99

This committee helps organize Alumni Leaders in the Classroom. Brainstorm new ideas and help us find and engage alumni in other ways. Help at reunions and be involved in a mentoring program with self-guided monthly emails with students and networking opportunities.

Events Committee: Chair Scott Anderson’84

This committee attends all our events, works registration, and assists the Advancement Office. Events:  Gala, A Taste of CDH, Homecoming, and other events as needed.

If you are interested in volunteering for any of these committees please contact the chair or Alumni Relations.

Come Join Us

We are always looking for alums that share the same common interest, Cretin-Derham Hall!


Please contact Michlyn Walsh