Micro:Bit Coming to Science Classrooms

January 13, 2021

The Micro:Bit is a tiny computer designed to introduce students to coding. Students can program it to do a variety of tasks, including running lights, motors, and motion detectors.

The Science department plans to use the technology to introduce coding to our ninth graders. They have been collaborating with the Technology Department to integrate computer programming into the science curriculum.

"We will gradually increase the level of the programs throughout the unit, culminating in the final project. In the end, students will be required to create and program a “robot” to perform a specific set of tasks," explained Science teacher Joyce Nordby. "Students will need to integrate many different skills learned throughout the year to complete the task as well as learn to communicate effectively with classmates."

The Science department is constantly adjusting their curriculum to make sure our students are prepared for success. They have met weekly for the past five years specifically to enhance the ninth grade curriculum.


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