Sophomores Present History Day Research

February 12, 2020

Three students presented their project to Brother Michael Rivers for judging.

Each year, all US History students at CDH take part in History Day. This is a nationwide program challenging students to deeply research a single topic and then create a poster, paper, website, or documentary on that topic. 

Project topics range widely, from the polio vaccine to the history of rap music.


Olivia Davis '22 focused her research on the impeachment of President Andrew Johnson.

One student chose to focus on the recently beatified former Cretin student, Blessed Brother James Miller.

Jacob Sondreal '22, Gabe Rasmussen '22, and Breandan Smith '22 worked together on an exhibit about Willie O'Ree, the first black player in the NHL.

Remi Pye '22 and James Morrison '22 created a website about Nelson Mandela.


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