Coronavirus (COVID-19) Updates

Cretin-Derham Hall continues to monitor the global outbreak of the coronavirus (COVID-19) with the health and wellness of our students, families, and faculty/staff as our top priority. Rest assured, we are prepared to make safety and wellness decisions that are in the best interest of our entire community. To best manage any infectious disease outbreak, we will follow governmental guidelines, particularly those defined by the Minnesota Department of Health.   

Update - April 23, 2:30 pm

Governor Closes Schools Through Rest of Year

Today, Governor Tim Walz has announced that schools in the state of Minnesota will continue distance learning through the end of the school year in order to best contain the coronavirus within our state. That means we will not be back on campus together until fall and will finish the school year online.   

This news is heartbreaking for all of us. Our first thoughts go to what this means to our students, especially our seniors. While we are in full support of the Governor’s plan for the good of our community health, we truly wish we were together. 

We understand that you have questions about what this structure means for our students as we finish out the school year. We have been preparing for this and other scenarios and will provide more detailed information early next week. We are gathering input from parents, students, and faculty to finish our year strong and we appreciate your ideas and support.  

For our seniors, this decision brings a unique sense of loss. Know we are all with you and mourn the loss of our time together! We want nothing more than to celebrate our seniors, and yet, we are obviously in uncharted territory with the impact of this virus, not just here in Minnesota, but worldwide. The planning has begun in earnest!  To help develop this plan, seniors and their parents have received a brief survey today to gather valuable input. Their input is invaluable as we develop a way for CDH to honor our seniors with pride. As the yard signs simply said, we are all in this together. 

For our student-athletes, we have not yet been advised on the status of spring sports. The Board of the Minnesota State High School League will meet tomorrow and will communicate any changes to their current suspension of the season at that time.

Finally, and most importantly, we applaud our students, families, and our teachers for the high level of engagement in and support of CDH Online School. This is not business-as-usual by any means. While we are proud of the level of education we can deliver within this structure, this is not a perfect substitute. Online School requires a new level of involvement in homes, a balancing act within families, the replacement of face-to-face with screen time, and new strategies of time management, focus, and participation. And, we are all doing this in the midst of our responsibility for helping our families and our sadness over missing our friends. Our teachers have approached this challenge with their own styles of innovation to meet the needs of our students. Our students are doing an amazing job engaging in online school and meeting the expectations set forth by their teachers.

We are so proud of our community for the level of teaching and learning that is happening and will continue to happen through the end of the school year. We are inspired by the level of connection we strive for, even when we are not sharing the same space. 

With the state’s decision now clear, we promise our students and our families that we will finish our trimester and end the year a stronger and more resilient community of learners.  

Look for more information next week. May you and your loved ones stay healthy!  

Let us continue to remember that we are in the Holy Presence of God and let us love God and the dear neighbor without distinction. We are keeping all of you in our prayers.

Live Jesus in our Hearts, Forever!

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