School Year Opportunities

The CDH Theater Department is in constant motion, from curricular classes and showcases to production stage crew, rehearsals, and performances. 


9th Grade Drama Club

This club meets the first day of every week during homeroom and lunch. It is a social club uniting those who share a common interest for theater. Weekly updates are given about what’s happening in the CDH Theater Department, and suggestions are made so that everyone can get involved.


Who is Drama Club For?

As incoming 9th graders, it can be intimidating to take the risk of going to an audition or a team try-out right off the bat. Everyone is figuring out their locker combinations, where the bathrooms are, and how to get from one end of the building to the other in less than 5 minutes.

For those students interested in being onstage, or behind the scenes, the Theater Department wants you to feel as comfortable as possible. As stated above, Drama Club meets the first day of each school week during lunch and homeroom. It gives you a relaxed place to hang out with students who have similar interests as you, get to know the Theater directors (Mrs. Kreitzer & AFG), play theater games, and to really learn what to expect and how to prepare for auditions, or how to get involved in Crew, theater classes, the Create-A-Plays, or Shakes Fest.

Depending on what’s happening in the Theater Department week by week, you might help out with a backstage painting project, practice your audition skills, or meet an alum/alumnae who is back visiting from their fantastic life in California or New York (and everywhere in-between).