School Year Opportunities

The CDH Theater Department is in constant motion, from curricular classes and showcases to production stage crew, rehearsals, and performances. 


Improv! Team

CDH is one of the few schools in the metro that has an improvisational troupe coached by professional improvisational actors.  Improvisation is theater without a script. (Like the show Whose Line Is It Anyway?The CDH Improv! Team is a great way to get creative, to meet new people, and to make a room full of people laugh! It's also a great opportunity to get on the stage at the Lillian theater. With weekly rehearsals and 3 performances throughout the year, CDH Improv! gives you the invaluable life skills taught by improvisational comedy. Come on! The team needs YOU!

Time Commitment – By Trimester

WHO Any & All Raiders Grades 9 - 12

WHERE The Values Breakout Room (Ask any polite & welcoming Theater Kid for directions)

WHEN Wednesdays 3  - 5 pm

WHAT You, Ridiculous Antics, Games, & Improv

SHOWS Each trimester show features students who have attended every Wednesday practice for those 11 weeks. If you are unable to commit for one trimester, you can always come back the following trimester. Improv is an activity that allows you to choose your sport seasons and work them around the Improv seasons.

Trimesters 1 & 2 Shows Feature short- and long-form improvisation

Trimester 3 Show Features sketch comedy