Inclusive Environment

Celebrate diverse perspectives, experiences, and qualities in every student.

The Cretin-Derham Hall community embraces equity where all are welcome and diversity is key.


Cretin-Derham Hall community means everyone has a place to belong and grow.

Faces in the Mosaic

Cretin-Derham Hall is a human mosaic. We create and express our identity through our community, which dependents upon the diversity of our individuals. As an urban Catholic school whose history goes back 150 years, and as stewards of the great legacy of the Christian Brothers and the Sisters of St. Joseph, we persist in working for inclusivity. And though we are rooted in our traditions, our identity evolves. We recognize every person has a unique story involving a past, present, and a future. The circumstances, experiences, genetics, and qualities of each are instrumental to the success of the whole.

Every individual has a story and our goal is to make sure each feels confident in sharing, shaping and manifesting her and his unique life paths. Our staff not only teaches each student to look for, nurture, and learn from the beautiful uniqueness in one another, but we model it through our curriculum, co-curriculars, attitudes, and actions. Our human mosaic is a living, ever-changing work of art.