Computer Science at CDH

Computer Science gives students vital 21st century skills. Computer Science is more than just using technology - it teaches students design, logical reasoning, and problem solving skills, preparing students to innovate and create the new technologies that drive our world.

Note: All computer courses require a fee of $40.00 to cover the cost of materials.

Computer Science in the Classroom

Graduation Requirements: Computer science courses are optional electives

All Grades

  • Computer-Aided Design (C.A.D.)
  • Computer Animation
  • Introduction to Programming – Advanced
  • Programming Apps for iOS – Advanced
  • Web Programming and Design

11th & 12th Grade

  • AP Computer Science – Honors

Computer Science offerings include both programming-oriented and application-oriented courses to meet a variety of student interests and skill levels.

The CDH Advantage!

  • State of the Art Technology
    • C.A.D., Science and Engineering, and Robotics students produce and print models using 3D printers.
    • Physics and Science and Engineering students use Arduino circuit boards to explore electronics and programming.
    • Programming students use Python, JAVA, C#, and Swift to learn about object oriented programming and how to manipulate objects through coding.
    • Animation students use Blender, GarageBand, and other applications to bring characters to life.


To learn more about our Computer Science faculty or to contact a teacher directly, take a look at our Staff Directory.