Library & Learning Center

These centralized resources are provided to foster interactive and collaborative learning, exploration, creation, and demonstration. This participatory environment is intended for all community members, so that information, expertise, and skills can be shared in a virtual learning commons.

Literacy Center

This site is intended to cultivate current and evolving literacies (information, media, digital) to strengthen learning and foster success in a global community.

Collaborative Learning Center

The heart of the virtual learning commons, this area combines individual expertise with collaborative intelligence, and showcases the collective end-products.

Exploration Center

This space allows learners to grow through experimentation, innovation, and play, both individually and collaboratively.  


Resources & Quick Links


Access our print and digital resources for both academic and personal needs. The Destiny Quest app on iPads is also the catalog.

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Student Art Work

Student Art Work

Please stop in an see the beautiful painting of the Brothers' Residence created by Elizabeth Brown, Class of 2016. It's hanging above the fireplace in the Quiet Study Area. Thank you Elizabeth, for sharing your talent with us.

Noodle Tools

Access this web-based software for citing sources, taking notes, and organizing research.

Find Lars

Find Lars

Lars needs a break and some fun in the sun.
He's interested in traveling to some place that's fun.
He'll spend some days at the beach I am sure.
And hopes to schedule an Aztec tour. 

eBook Collections

Check out our searchable collections of nonfiction eBooks.

MackinVia Audiobooks (or click below)

Download app from self serve. See your librarians for how to sign in (students & staff).

                           Mackin VIA



The physical Library and Learning Center is open from 7:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. most days. On early release days, revised hours will be posted on the LLC door and the website.

The virtual Library and Learning Center is open 24 hours every day.