Why Cretin-Derham Hall?

Our values guide our daily actions and focus our efforts in creating ethical students who are prepared for the world.

CATHOLIC – A conscious focus on Judeo/Christian traditions and Gospel values and Catholic doctrine as understood, celebrated, and lived in the Catholic Church. Within a community of faith, we explore our relationship with God through worship, prayer, study, and service promoting the dignity of each individual to insure and care for the common good.

ACADEMIC – The process of imparting an identified curriculum for the purpose of preparing students for opportunities in post-secondary education.

LEADERSHIP – Provide an environment in which students learn about, develop, and exercise the skills necessary to positively affect their community.

COMMUNITY – A body of diverse and inter-related individuals who support, care, and respect each other and seek to demonstrate these values in society.

SERVICE – A commitment to ministry within the church, school, and community at large to develop a sense of stewardship.

DIVERSITY – A conscious focus on and a shared responsibility to understand and respect the differences in abilities, religions, cultures, and socioeconomic backgrounds of the school community and society.

EQUITY – A conscious focus on and a shared responsibility for the development of a gender fair environment.


Students are challenged to reach their full potential in a caring and fun environment.