English at CDH

The goal of the English Department is to develop the students' abilities to read, write, speak, and think. Emphasis is placed on acquiring skills in writing and reading comprehension, vocabulary, spelling, library use, research methods, grammar, various media, basic genre, and the understanding and appreciation of literature. Students are expected to read and write in every English class. All English courses are designed to prepare students for college.

English in the Classroom

Graduation Requirements: 12 credits (Equivalent to 4 years)

9th Grade

  • Values Symposium Interdisciplinary Focus
    • English combines with Social Studies and Religion, with a content focus on the CDH Values along with reading and writing across the disciplines
  • Electives: Composition and Speech

10th Grade

  • English 10 or English 10- Honors
    • English rooted in examining individual journeys across time and cultures.

11th Grade

  • US Literature/Composition or US Literature/Composition- Honors
    • English that examines literature from a wide variety of perspectives and texts
  • AP Language and Composition - Honors

12th Grade

  • Spectrum- Honors (SMUMN PACC)
  • Readings in Literature- Honors (SMUMN PACC)
  • Writing Studio (U of M CIS)
  • English 12

10th, 11th, 12th Grade Electives

  • Composition, Creative Writing, Film Study, Speech, Media Studies, Topics Course

There are many opportunities for college credit, and a full complement of electives.

To find out more about course options and class details, see the English Curriculum.

The CDH Advantage!

  • PSAT and ACT Scores
    • Significantly exceed state and national averages
  • Variety of College Credit Options
    • CIS Entry Point Program (University of Minnesota), Writing Studio College Credit, PACC Credit (Saint Mary’s University of Minnesota), Readings in Literature – Honors, and Spectrum – Honors

The English Faculty

To learn more about the CDH English faculty or to contact a teacher directly, visit the Staff Directory.