World Language at CDH

The World Language Department of Cretin-Derham Hall recognizes that all students are citizens of a global society. Students who effectively communicate in more than one language will be globally literate and increase their own communication skills.   

  • As students learn to communicate in other languages, their appreciation of other cultures adds dimension and depth of understanding to their view of the world.
  • Classes use ACTFL proficiency standards to increase students' personal understanding of the language along with differentiated curriculum to educate all the intelligences of the student. 
  • Students are assessed in their verbal, written, and presentation skills as a method to give them real life understanding and use of the language.
  • In developing linguistic skills, they learn to better understand and appreciate their native language.

World Language in the Classroom

Graduation Requirement: 6 credits (Each student must take 6 credits sequentially of the same language, equivalent to 2 years)

Each student is required to complete two years sequentially of a world language. However, 75% of our students take three or four years of the same language.


  • French 101
  • French 201
  • French 303 – Honors
  • French 403 – AP/Honors
  • French 503 – Honors

Mandarin Chinese

  • Mandarin Chinese 101 – Advanced
  • Mandarin Chinese 201 - Advanced
  • Mandarin Chinese 301 – Honors
  • Mandarin Chinese 401 - AP/Honors
  • Mandarin Chinese 501 - Honors 


  • Spanish 100, Spanish 101
  • Spanish 200, Spanish 201
  • Spanish 300 - College Prep
  • Spanish 302 – Advanced
  • Spanish 303 - Honors
  • Spanish 402 - Advanced
  • Spanish 403 - AP/Honors
  • Spanish 503 – Honors
  • Spanish 603 - Honors
  • AP Language and Culture
    • In the 403 level each language offers AP Language and Culture.
    • Students will be able to test at CDH to earn AP credit.
  • Travel Opportunities
    • Trips support language fluency and cultural exploration
    • Trips vary in focus: sightseeing, a pilgrimage, and many justice education trips
    • First-hand use of the world language

The World Language Faculty

Contact our World Language faculty though our Staff Directory.