World Language

The World Language Department of Cretin-Derham Hall recognizes that all students are citizens of a global society. To live more fully in this society, it is important that students be able to communicate in more than one language.

  • As students learn to communicate in other languages, their appreciation of other cultures adds dimension and depth of understanding to their view of the world.
  • When students learn that there is more than one manner of communication, they grow in their appreciation of peoples and cultures.
  • In developing linguistic skills, they learn to better understand and appreciate their native language.



The World Language Curriculum offers something for every type of learning style. Each student does need to satisfy the two year language requirement but more than 85% of our students take four years (or more) of the same language. Because of this, many are able to test out of their college language requirements. 

  • We offer five years of study in both French and Spanish
  • Our new and growing Mandarin program will offer three levels.
  • We offer four years of Latin and partner with the University of Minnesota College in the Schools program for college credit.
  • Opportunities are available for students to study World Languages at local universities through our PSEO program.

Our  World Language Department employs many differentiated methods, technology and focuses on multiple intelligence instruction in World Languages so that we can provide success for all learning styles.

World language curriculum

Graduation Requirement:

A minimum of 6 credits is required for graduation.

Contact our World Language faculty though our Staff Directory.