JROTC Awards

2023-2024 Diamond Promotions

The 2023 Diamond Promotions were announced on September 15, 2023. 

Cadet Colonel -- Brigade Commander

Emma Butler '24

Cadet Lieutenant Colonel -- Brigade Deputy Commander

Katie O'Donnell '24

Cadet Lieutenant Colonel -- Brigade Executive Officer

Josie Thomas '24

Cadet Lieutenant Colonel -- 3rd Battalion Commander

Cameron Kawalec '24 

Cadet Lieutenant Colonel -- 4th Battalion Commander

Lillian Moore '24

Cadet Lieutenant Colonel -- 5th Battalion Commander

Maggie Frost '24

Cadet Lieutenant Colonel -- 7th Battalion Commander

Dani Rubbelke '24

Cadet Lieutenant Colonel -- Brigade S3

Finn Dougherty '24

Cadet Major -- Brigade S1

Elizabeth Barnett '24

Cadet Major -- Brigade S2

Nolan Heuerman '24

Cadet Major -- Brigade S4

Norah Goddard '24

Cadet Major -- Brigade S5

Olivia Evans '24 

Cadet Major -- 3rd Battalion Executive Officer

Max Laughlin '24

Cadet Major -- 4th Battalion Executive Officer

Kelly Hannon '24 

Cadet Major -- 5th Battalion Executive Officer

Annabel Fulton '24

Cadet Major -- 7th Battalion Executive Officer

Mary Musolf '24


2023-2024 Fall Review-9th Grade Outstanding Cadets

These awards are presented to 9th grade cadets for their achievement in military drill, classroom conduct, and showing a high degree of motivation. The award consists of a medal, certificate of achievement, the Commendation Ribbon, and a distinctive black cord worn on the shoulder of the uniform.

The recipients of this award are:
Cadet PVT Ananya Alfveby
Cadet PVT Bridget Bower
Cadet PVT Lucy Keating
Cadet PVT Connor Macke
Cadet PVT Timothy Mohrland
Cadet PVT Kay Lee Perla
Cadet PVT Mackenzie Steineman

2022-23 Twilight Parade Award Recipients

These awards are presented during the spring Twilight Parade. College ROTC scholarships are also announced. The evening ends with the traditional chain of command from seniors to juniors.

JROTC Superior Cadet

Cadet LTC Ella Keating ‘23
Cadet 2LT Katie O’Donnell ‘24
Cadet SGT Brooklyn Johnson '25
Cadet PFC Bridget Bower '26

JROTC Citizenship Award

Cadet LTC Steffan Xiong ‘23
Cadet MAJ David Verdeja ‘23
Cadet MAJ Tim Flynn ‘23
Cadet MSG Charlie Geiger ‘23
Cadet MSG Alex Fruen ‘23
Cadet MSG Bella Brondum ‘24

Raider Brigade JROTC Academic Excellence Award

Cadet CPT Jack Barneson ‘23
Cadet MSG Max Laughlin ‘24
Cadet MSG Maggie Frost ‘24
Cadet MSG Lillian Moore ‘24
Cadet SGT Michael Nobrega ‘25

Raider Brigade JROTC Military Excellence Award

Cadet MAJ Anders Angstrom ‘23
Cadet CPT Cruz Mason ‘23
Cadet CPT Nolan Keefe ‘23
Cadet CPT Stephen Flashing ‘23
Cadet CPT Nick Wood ‘23
Cadet 1SG Jack Moryn ‘23
Cadet MSG Nolan Heuerman ‘24
Cadet 2LT Mary Musolf ‘24
Cadet SGT Grace McSherry ‘25
Cadet PFC Darby Peterson ‘26

Raider Brigade JROTC Service Excellence Award

Cadet MAJ Matthew McConville ‘23
Cadet MSG Elizabeth Barnett ‘24
Cadet MSG Sarah McKeown ‘24
Cadet SGT Andrew Ek ‘ 25
Cadet PFC Jamaya Anderson ‘26

Williams Brothers Scholarship

Cadet 2LT Emma Butler ‘24
Cadet SGT Annika Clift ‘25
Cadet SFC Cali Weckman ‘26

JROTC Distinguished Academic Excellence Award

Cadet CPT Colin Hilger ‘23

Sons of the American Revolution Citizenship Award

Cadet SGT Keyon Archer ‘25

Sons of the American Revolution ROTC Medal

Cadet MAJ Patrick McQuillan ‘23

Sons of the Union Veterans of the Civil War

Cadet CSM Sam Koopmeiners ‘23

The Daughters of the American Revolution Medal

Cadet MAJ Maren Gainer ‘23

The Reserve Organization of American Medal

Cadet LTC Paris Edwards ‘23

The Military Officers Association of America Medal

Cadet LTC Brady Savard ‘23

The Daughters of the American Colonists Award

Cadet MSG Danika Rubbelke ‘24

The American Veterans Association JROTC Medal

Cadet LTC Olivia Kimlinger ‘23

The National Sojourner's Award

Cadet SGT MJ Dougherty ‘25

The Military Order of the Purple Heart Medal

Cadet 2LT Max Laughlin ‘24

The Association of the United States Army

Cadet MSG Cameron Kawalek ‘24

The American Legion Military Excellence Medals

Gold - Cadet LTC Patrick Domler ‘ 23
Silver - Cadet 2LT Olivia Evans ‘24
Bronze - Cadet SGT Jacqueline Lauer ‘25

The American Legion Academic Excellence Medals

Gold - Cadet MAJ Alex Atkinson ‘23
Silver - Cadet MSG Finn Dougherty ‘24
Bronze - Cadet SGT Margaret Marrinan ‘25

The Veterans of Foreign Wars JROTC Medals

Cadet MAJ Adamari Vargas-Jiminez ‘23
Cadet 1SG Matthew Baumberger ‘24
Cadet SGT James Summers ‘25

The Voice of Democracy

Cadet MAJ Daniel Weber ‘23

The U.S. Marine Corps Scholastic Excellence Award

Cadet CSM Alec Walworth ‘23

The U.S. Marine Corps Distinguished Athlete Award

Cadet MSG Kelly Hannon ‘24
Cadet MSG Miles Bollinger ‘24

Minnesota Society of the US - Daughters of 1812

Cadet MSG Madison Kline ‘23