Photography I

Learn to use a DSLR camera to take amazing pictures and professionally edit them. Students will use Adobe Photoshop to edit and make new digital creations that will be printed and mounted. Student will get out and try shooting different photographic styles like composition, portraits, landscapes, multiple exposure, light photography, self-portraits, and more! Take what you already do with your phone and expand on it to become a true photographer.

Grades: 10, 11, 12
Trimesters Offered: Trimester I, II, and III

Photography II - Advanced

Explore the traditional art of 35mm black and white photography. Get to use the Dark Room to be hands on and develop and process your very own film. These are the “old” cameras that you put your own film into and use the light meter to create the exposures. Take that film and put it in our enlargers to make the print, put that into chemicals and your photo magically appears.

Trimesters Offered: Trimester II and III
Prerequisite: Photography I

Photography III - Honors

This course is designed for the committed, serious photographer to further explore advanced techniques in digital and film photography. Students will create personal statements about their work, and then compile their focus into their very own photography portfolio.

Trimesters Offered: Trimester III
Prerequisite: Photography II- Advanced