Justice Week

Being a community of faith not only involves ministry and service, but also the obligation to seek justice for those who may be considered the least, the lost and the last. Since 2001, Cretin-Derham Hall hosts an annual Justice Week that includes speakers, Empty Bowls and a Youth Justice Summit. 

2018 Theme – Embracing Ishmael: Connecting Catholics & Muslims in Minnesota

February 5-9

Striving always toward the Values of Catholic, Academic, Community, Leadership, Service, Diversity, and Equity, Cretin-Derham Hall annually hosts Justice Week. Past Justice Weeks have focused on: Human Trafficking in Minnesota, the Civil Rights Movement, Gender Equity, and Water Justice. Aware of the many tensions in our country due to misinformation and stereotypes, this year’s Justice Week will seek to connect our community with our Muslim brothers and sisters.

During Justice Week, students, staff, and faculty will listen to the experience of one of our alums, Ryan Harris, a devout Muslim, a Cretin-Derham Hall graduate of 2003, as well as speakers from the metro Muslim community. Presentations include: the Four Pillars of Islam, Muslims in Minnesota, Women in Islam, and War and Islam. Parents are invited to attend these sessions.

The week will be an opportunity to grow as a people of God. Going back to the beginning of the Judeo-Christian faith, Abraham and Hagar were parents of Ishmael, whose descendants are Muslims today. Therefore, by “Embracing Ishmael,” may we continue to seek God whose grace is active among Catholics and Muslims.

For more information, contact Lou Anne Tighe.

Past Justice Week themes have included:

  • International Human Rights
  • The Civil Rights Movement and Racism in Contemporary America
  • The Power of Partnership: Working Toward Gender Equity
  • Immigration Issues in America
  • Heeding the Call to Environmental Justice
  • Whole and Holy: Differing Abilities, Sacred Vision
  • Economic Justice in a World of Need
  • Seeking Justice through the Fine Arts
  • Water:  A Right, Not a Privilege
  • Mental Health
  • Economic Justice and Sustainability