Social Studies at CDH

The Social Studies Department seeks to prepare students to be responsible and effective citizens in our ever-changing, interdependent world. To prepare students to play a dynamic role in their local and global communities, our department strives to develop students who possess disciplinary knowledge and skills and a respect for multiple perspectives. The overall goal is to help develop a just and humane society, reflective of our Cretin-Derham Hall values.

Social Studies in the Classroom

The Social Studies curriculum is both differentiated and varied, encompassing both required and elective courses. The scope and sequence of courses offered is well designed to assist the department in reaching its goal of preparing young women and men to be active, responsible citizens on the local, state, national, and international level.

9th Grade

  • Values Symposium (Social Studies combines with English and Religion, with a content focus on the CDH Values as well as reading and writing across the disciplines)
  • Human Geography or AP Human Geography

10th Grade

  • US History or AP US History 

11th and 12th Grade

(4 credits from the following)

  • Economics or AP Microeconomics (required)
  • US Government or AP US Government (required)

   Elective Options:

  • International Relations Honors
  • Senior Interdisciplinary Symposium – Honors
  • AP Psychology, Psychology, Sociology, Sociology of Sports, Women’s Studies, Debate, Close-Up, AP African American Studies

To find out more about course options and class details, see the Social Studies curriculum.

The CDH Advantage!

  • Senior Fieldwork Service
    • All CDH seniors participate in Thursday fieldwork at a local service site
  • Clubs & Activities
    • History Day
    • Mock Trial  
    • Close-Up

The Social Studies Faculty

 To contact a social studies faculty member take a look at our Staff Directory.