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Managing iPad Use at Home

Each family will have its own expectations for use of the iPad and other technology. It is helpful to discuss expectations before a problem occurs. Some families find these suggestions helpful: 

  • Limit and monitor screen time. Experts suggest limiting use to central parts of the home, such as a family room, as opposed to a bedroom.
  • Parents are encouraged to check the iPad periodically; students are required by CDH policy to provide the 4-digit lock code whenever requested by a parent/guardian or CDH faculty/staff.
  • Experts recommend putting the iPad, as well as phones and other electronic devices in a designated spot outside of the bedroom. This will minimize sleep disruption and discourage late night, unmonitored use. This is also an ideal time to recharge the iPad so it is ready for school the next day.
  • Social networking and some inappropriate content is blocked at the network level at CDH. There are a number of alternatives for doing this on your home network.
  • If gaming or overall screen time becomes an issue, contact the Deans’ office or the Director of Technology to discuss the possibility of putting restrictions on the iPad. Please do not restrict the iPad without discussing it with the school; doing so could affect the student’s ability to do school work, as well as the ability of the Technology staff to manage the device. We are happy to work with you on this.
  • You may also find helpful information at Common Sense Media and Parents, Teens & Digital Monitoring

Checking Grades & Assignments

Infinite Campus

All CDH teachers record grades using Infinite Campus. Each student and each parent/guardian will receive an individual code for access. Login at the parent/student portal. New parent/guardian codes are provided by CDH.


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