CASAflagsatMass.JPGConnecting Adults and Students to Achieve

As part of implementing Cretin-Derham Hall’s Strategic Plan, Connecting Adults and Students to Achieve (C.A.S.A.) was designed to make connections and create a stronger community. Through “family gatherings,” students and adults develop relationships that can support social, emotional, spiritual, and academic needs. Every student and (almost) every adult in the building are involved in this program.

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Our CASA program is administered by two Coordinators, who oversee the House Directors and coordinate the agenda,activities and focus for each meeting.

CASA is structured with 8 Houses (Faith, Courage,Truth, Wisdom, Peace, Hope, Mercy and Joy) each made up of about 8 families. Each family consists of 2 adults and about 20 students. Families meet weekly and engage in games and activities aimed at fostering stronger connections between family members. Houses meet about once a year. Every student and almost every adult in the building take part in the weekly family meetings. 

CASA House Colors

Joy: Light blue
Faith: Teal
Courage: Red
Mercy: Orange
Wisdom: Kelly green
Peace: Maroon
Truth: Royal blue
Hope: Dark green

CASA House Directors

Joy House:  Stephanie Aumann

Truth House:  Brock Beithon

Mercy House:  Steven Tacheny 

Faith House:  Suzanne Zobitz

Wisdom House:  Bernadette Hellickson

Hope House:  Becki Medellin

Courage House:  TBD

Peace House:  Aaron Benner