Student Awards

Every year, we celebrate exceptional students at the awards assembly. Congratulations to the award winners for the 2021-22 school year!

The ExCEL Award

The Excellence in Community, Education, and Leadership Award recognizes two junior students who are active in school activities, leaders in their schools and who demonstrate a strong commitment to community service.

Sam Koopmeiners '23 is a humble young man who takes his academics and athletics very seriously. He is committed to CDH and his future. He is a great teammate and works very hard on the boys basketball team. 

Anna Stangler '23 is an excellent student who excels not only in the classroom but also on the field in both soccer and lacrosse. She is a great role model for her peers on how to manage her time to be successful in both athletics and academics. 

Triple “A” Award

The Triple “A” Award honors two senior students for their achievements in academics, the arts, and athletics.  

Seamus Dougherty '22 is a hard worker who always looks for the positive in each situation. He is constantly encouraging and motivating his teammates and others to be the best they can be. He is empathetic and often advocates for others on their behalf. He is an excellent student at CDH and his involvement includes band, robotics, PFP, mock trial and swimming & diving. 

Julianne Mason '22 is an achiever who meets the challenges she is given. She is a great example of dedication, hard work, and respect. She goes the extra mile to lead and encourage teammates and others, particularly younger students. She is an academic all-star and gives 100% to whatever she is involved in, which includes – captain of both dance and track & field, PFP, choir, and student council among other things.

Service Academy Appointment

Every year, several CDH students volunteer to serve their country by joining the military. Some enlist to serve on Active-Duty, in the National Guard, or the Reserves. Some seek ROTC full scholarships at colleges locally and across the country.  One of the most challenging ways is to obtain a Congressional nomination and appointment to one of our Nation’s service academies. This year we are proud to announce that two CDH students have achieved this accomplishment and will both attend the United States Air Force Academy: Ben Weber '22 and Karl Westermeyer '22.

National Merit Scholarship Program

Approximately 1.5 million high school students took the PSAT as juniors in October of 2020. Of the 1.5 million students, 2% are commended scholars. We are pleased this year to recognize four Commended students: Minkyu Jun '22, Izzi Lauer '22, Jacob Wahlstrom '22, and Ben Weber '22.

In addition to Commended scholars, CDH is happy to have two Finalists this year. Of the 1.5 million students only 1%, or 15,000, of these students are finalists. Ours are Maddie Schearer '22 and Sam Wachlarowicz '22.

Robert Stupka III Science Scholarships 

The Robert Stupka III Science Scholarship was established in memory of Robbie Stupka III '02. This scholarship is awarded to two juniors who demonstrate the same love for science and the scientific process as Robbie. 

With a natural enthusiasm for nature, animals, and the biological sciences, Liliana Lucio '23's potential in science continues to grow. Her interest in science extends beyond the classroom as she works with animals and spends time cultivating their passions. With sights set on a career in biology in college, Liliana continues to prepare herself for this future by taking science courses that inspire this pathway. 

Joe Peterson '23 has been captured by the ever-evolving nature of science and how it has challenged him to grow in his academics. With a passion for integrating environmental activism with scientific innovation, this student hopes to advocate for change by pursuing a career in environmental law. 

Kopp Family Foundation Scholarship

The Kopp Family Foundation Scholarship recognizes two seniors each year. These scholarships are given to students who consistently work up to their academic ability, are of high character, are consistently positive in their dealings with others, are involved in service activities at CDH and their community, and are leaders by example, having a positive impact on those around them.

Remi Pye '22 has a passion and calling to work for justice. He challenges CDH to be the best version of itself by pushing us to make changes where they are needed. He is willing to roll up his sleeves and dig into the work. He spearheaded the Student Coalition group that works to represent all student voices at CDH, is active on the policy committee of the Student Council, and engages in thoughtful and difficult discussions. For the past two years this student he organized, through Student Council, a supply drive for the homeless. He knows how to love God and the dear neighbor without distinction.  

Allie Sowatzka '22 lives life with an energy and passion that is inspiring and sometimes exhausting! She sees the positives and possibilities in life. She has worked tirelessly on Student Council this year, helping plan and implement the many events we've had and has worked to represent student voices in decision making. She has been passionate and excited about helping to coordinate the two blood drives we've had this year, from all the prep work involved to activities on the day of the events. Whatever needs to be done, no matter how small, Allie is there to make sure it gets done. She is a true servant leader and reminds us all that our seven values are not just words on the wall.  

Sister Mary Aloysius Sherin, CSJ Scholarship

The Sister Mary Aloysius Scholarship was established in honor of this beloved math teacher to honor a female junior student who has demonstrated significant achievement in math.

Natalie Seng '23 has great insight, analytical skills, and a knack for problem solving. Her work ethic and enthusiasm for learning is outstanding and she has a tremendous desire to make sense of what she is learning. She continually strives for mastery of concepts and dedicates herself to always being prepared for whatever is happening in the class.  Her quiet intelligence is a great asset in the classroom and she has been an integral part of the math team.  

Len Horyza Memorial Scholarships 

The Len Horyza Memorial Scholarship honors this namesake who was a teacher, coach and mentor at Cretin High School and Cretin-Derham Hall for 35 years. Mr. Horyza emulated leadership, perseverance and commitment.

Sam Koopmeiners '23 takes his academics seriously in addition to his role on the team. He plays extremely hard, is a smart player and does whatever is best for the team.  Coach Horyza would have loved to coach him based on his tenacity, determination and grit. 

Elisa Veglia '23 has an incredible drive to succeed. While math does not always come easily to her, she is always willing to meet the challenge and work relentlessly to understand difficult concepts, regardless of the time required. She sets an amazing example for her classmates of what hard work and determination can help one achieve, and has a pleasant demeanor that makes working with them a pleasure for her teachers.

Derham Hall Carondelet Awards 

The Derham Hall Carondelet Student Leadership Endowment was created by Derham Hall alumnae to commemorate the 90th anniversary of the founding of Derham Hall. 

Ella Keating '23 excels as a student and cares about others and her faith. She has a high level of empathy for people and values different perspectives. She is known for her deep appreciation for life, her humility and her joy.

Greta Cunningham '23 also excels academically and helps other students in classes. She is a person of great faith and a generous spirit. Her positive attitude makes everyone comfortable around her. Her leadership in a number of organizations has made a more just community. She embodies the mission of the Sisters of Saint Joseph.

Greg Marzolf, Jr. Scholarship Award

This scholarship was established in 2000 in memory of Greg Marzolf, Jr. '98. Greg died in the spring of his sophomore year at the University of St. Thomas after a long battle with Duchene Muscular Dystrophy.  He lived positively, with determination and faith, empowering others to do the same.

This award is given to a junior who embodies similar traits to Greg. This scholarship acknowledges a student who has shown academic achievement and co-curricular participation while dealing with adversity and has shown perseverance and a positive spirit.

Norah Malloy '23 has profound hearing loss in both ears. Although she has found ways throughout her life to navigate this exceptionally well, mask wearing due to COVID has been particularly challenging both academically and socially as Norah relies heavily on lip-reading. However, Norah is referred to by her teachers as strong, responsible and resilient.  She puts in extra work to watch and rewatch videos of content, reviews completed notes from class to make sure she didn’t miss anything and advocates for herself and whatever accommodations she needs to be successful in the classroom. Norah acknowledges that her hearing loss has made her a better person who stands up for those who can’t always stand up for themselves.  She is a role model and a tremendous young woman.

Lepsche Family Award 

The Lepsche Family Award recognizes one junior male student in honor of Ray Lepsche, Jr. '66, This scholarship recognizes a student who is kind and loves being a member of the CDH community.

Riley Klaus '23 is generous in sharing his talents with the CDH community. He is an active participant in Robotics and Band and frequently shares his love for music with our community. He has a giving spirit and readily volunteers to play at school masses and prayer services.  

Harvey Buron Spirit Award 

The Harvey Buron Spirit award recognizes the male athlete that best exemplifies dedication, hard work and positive attitude.

Luke Leonidas '22 is a quiet leader who lets his actions speak louder than his words. He’s always worked hard, is extremely determined, and is always willing to help his teammates get better. Luke has received numerous recognitions in his sport including four-time All-Conference, three-time All-State, and three-time All-American! He set CDH records, led the SEC in All-Conference scoring this season, and is a two-time section champion. He will continue his athletic career as a D1 swimmer for the University of MN next year.  

McDonough Spirit Award

The McDonough Spirit Award recognizes the female athlete who best exemplifies hard work and a positive attitude. 

Anna Caruso '22 lives and breathes the core values of her team known as FACE – focus, attitude, communication and energy/effort.  She takes these values personally and makes it her goal at each practice and game to come out strong with those principles in mind. She will try things no matter how hard they look and tries to instill this work ethic with her younger teammates. 

Raider Awards 

The Raider Awards are presented to one female and one male who exemplify the ideals of the positive spirit of sport and the core mission of athletics at Cretin-Derham Hall.

Colin Benick '22 is a great example of an athlete that showed up to do their job because it was what was best for the team. He did the often-thankless work of an offensive lineman with joy and enthusiasm because he loved wearing purple and gold. Colin demonstrates his positive spirit of sport as an athlete, manager, and SuperFan.  

Allie Sowatzka '22 is truly the epitome of Raider Pride, caring for other people and consistently going out of their way to help whenever she can. Her Raider spirit comes through as an athlete, SuperFan and at times an extension of the coaching staff. She showed up every day to get better and make her teammates better. One of her coaches commented that "Allie does not need every team but every team needs a student like Allie."

Padden Award

The Padden award is presented in honor of James Padden '48, who died in the Korean War. The recipient of the Padden Award is a male student who demonstrates excellence in athletics, attitude and academics. 

Tre Holloman '22 is a stand out in basketball as well as football. He was the first freshman to start on the varsity football team in 20 years! He was an impact player in every sense of the word – offense, defense, and special teams. In basketball he was right at home. In his spare time, he started his own camp for disadvantaged youth, offering them a no-cost opportunity to learn and enjoy the sport. As a four-year captain for the CDH team, he embraced the challenge and used his calming presence to rally his teammates to get the job done. Tre has set record after record at every level including Conference and State, and at CDH he became our all-time leading basketball scorer! Among his recognitions, he has been named the Gatorade State Player of the Year, MN Player of the Year as well as Metro Player of the Year for both the Pioneer Press and Star Tribune. Het will continue his basketball career as a D1 athlete at Michigan State next year. 

Hugh Derham Award

This award is presented in honor of Hugh Derham, the first benefactor of Derham Hall High School. It is presented annually to the female who demonstrates excellence in all three areas of athletics, attitude and academics.  

Ari Evans '22 is a three-sport athlete serving as a captain in soccer, hockey and lacrosse. She is a fierce competitor who brings excellence in leadership to each of these programs. She is a leader in athletics as well as academics, encouraging teammates and classmates alike. As a PFP mentor she draws on her leadership skills caring and encouraging younger students. She leads by example and knows how to push her teammates to be their very best. Ari is respected and supported by coaches and teammates and is a great role model for younger athletes. She is someone who gives it all for her team. Her impact has been an integral reason why the programs in which she has been involved have found success during her four years at CDH.

Excellence in Fine Arts 

This award was established to honor seniors who have done extensive and excellent work across several Fine Arts disciplines. This year two students will be honored for their deserving contributions and excellence in Fine Arts.

Maddie Schearer '22 has involved herself in an array of Fine Arts classes and thrived in all of them. She flourished in taking all 3 levels of photography classes, all 3 levels of Ceramics and an Independent Study, as well as Acting 1. She has been an integral member of the CDH Theater department too. As an actor on the stage or behind the scenes this student has shown a commitment and passion for art and theater. Her focus on props design and building have given the department some of the most fantastic and magical pieces we have had on the Lillian Theater stage. Maddie's leadership skills as a crew head, stage manager, and team member have helped bring calm to chaos. Her positivity, humble attitude and creative spirit exemplify what it means to be a Raider artist.  

Maura Schutz '22 has been an outstanding participant in the Fine Arts Department throughout her 4 years at CDH. She has been busy in the visual arts by working in the mediums of photography, drawing, painting, jewelry, mixed-media & printmaking, as well as being a Yearbook designer. With her strong sense of art curiosity and dedication, she represented CDH multiple times with artwork displayed in the building, in art shows, and even around the world when she created children’s portraits for the special Memory Program. In addition to visual arts, Maura has devoted her entire high school career to music. She is a skilled musician and an excellent clarinet player and has participated in honor bands, the SEC All-Conference Band, and given extra time and effort as a band officer. 

Top Ten Graduates

Congratulations to the top ten students in the Class of 2022!

10. Addison Keske '22
9. Benjamin Weber '22

8. Maria Lewis '22
7. Natasha Krieger '22
6. Julianne Mason '22
5. Kate Sticha '22
4. Nathan Muetzel '22
3. Madeline Schearer '22
Salutatorian: Sarah Craighead '22
Valedictorian: Olivia Goddard '22

Mother Seraphine Ireland Award 

Ellen Ireland and her brother, John, immigrated to the United States and settled in St. Paul in 1852. Ellen joined the Sisters of Saint Joseph of Carondelet, was named Sister Seraphine and by age 30 she was appointed Superior (“Mother”) serving the province for 39 years. Believing that education leads to social transformation, she established schools, hospitals, and learning institutions, including Saint Catherine’s University and Derham Hall.

Cretin-Derham Hall honors the contributions of the Sisters of Saint Joseph and Mother Seraphine Ireland by recognizing one senior female for her faith, leadership, integrity, commitment to service and social justice. She receives this distinction having been chosen by her peers.

Allie Sowatzka '22 is a wonderful mix of positivity, reliability and leadership. Her upbeat personality shines throughout her activities and serves others as she leads with enthusiasm and empathy. She’s often seen in and out of the building organizing events for those less fortunate. She uses her optimism and strong work ethic to effect change. Allie’s strong leadership skills are evident in her roles as team captain, president of various clubs, and as an advocate for others. Academically she is an all-star, excelling in our most rigorous curriculum. She is outstanding in the classroom as an authentic and engaged student, she’s always eager to learn. She will use her talents to make a difference in the world and those around her will benefit from her positive energy along the way.  

Archbishop John Ireland Award 

With his sister, Ellen, John Ireland experienced the expansion of the Minnesota Territory during his childhood. Ordained a priest in 1861, he became the chaplain for the 5th Minnesota Volunteer Infantry during the Civil War. He returned to Saint Paul, became Rector of the Cathedral of Saint Paul and was appointed the first archbishop in 1888. Archbishop Ireland’s ideas for social reform and the relationship between church and society left profound outcomes. Specifically, he established Saint Thomas Academy, the Saint Paul Seminary, and the University of Saint Thomas.

Honoring the many contributions of Archbishop John Ireland, Cretin-Derham Hall recognizes one outstanding senior male for his faith, leadership, integrity and commitment to service and social justice.  He receives this distinction having been chosen by his peers. 

Andy Chestovich '22 is a conscientious student who is respected for his high achievements in academics, co-curricular activities and leadership. He loves to learn and finds joy in challenging himself.  He is independent in his desire to learn and hone his abilities. When COVID happened and his athletic season was canceled, he ran his own season and improved his skills. He’s motivated not only to personally excel in his endeavors but to work with and lead others to excel as well. He goes out of his way to help others and serves as a role model through his actions. As a leader he supports his teammates where they are while encouraging them to achieve more. Andy has received multiple awards through JROTC and is respected by his peers and adults alike.