General Electives

General Elective courses are offered in addition to departmental courses for credit.


General Elective Offerings

Peer Tutoring

Peer tutoring is a service learning and leadership opportunity designed to share one's academic strengths. This class will consist of tutoring time and training in skills such as creating positive relationships, communication, study skills, strategies for improving reading and writing, multiple intelligence and learning differences. This class will meet during 6th period. Some of this time will be used for tutoring and some for training.

Grades: 11, 12
Trimester I, II, or III

People Finding People (PFP)

This peer mentoring class has been designed for seniors interested in mentoring students in grade 9-10.

Grade: 12
Year Long Class

Thinking, Learning, Communicating: "Top 20" Tools for Success

This one-of-a-kind personal development course is designed to lead students through the three essential strategies for self-discovery: thinking, learning and communicating The goal of this course is to raise the probability that students will be empowered to reach their potential and find more success in high school and beyond.

Some topics covered include:

  • Thinking effectively: expanding your comfort zone; monitoring your own moods and attitudes; developing your emotional intelligence; awareness of other people's opinions.
  • Learning strategies: listening, getting organized; goal-setting; eliminating distractions; developing study skills.
  • Communicating well with others; non-verbals; getting along with family and friends; conflict resolution; learning how to get help when necessary.

This unique elective course is designed for students of all ability levels; it has reached and touched the lives of over 3,000 students in the past 18 years. TLC also uses many outside presenters who specialize in personal development.

There may be an optional adult/parent/guardian course offered during the year in the evenings.

Grades: 9, 10
Trimester I, II, or III


This year long course will cover all aspects of planning and producing the yearbook: writing copy, headlines, and captions, proofreading, editing, graphic design and photography. Above average writing, word processing and computer skills are required. Several hours after school are required at each of the four deadlines.

Grades: 11, 12
Year Long Class



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