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The challenge of providing an excellent, value-centered education, coupled with the challenge of providing affordable access to families of all economic levels, are the two most critical issues facing CDH at this juncture in our history. We can't rest on our laurels and hope that all will turn out well. We must take action to preserve our school, and we must do it now. 

Go Raiders!

Our School

Our school is deeply ingrained in the history of St. Paul. It is part of the city's identity, its very fabric. Cretin-Derham Hall connections crop up at every corner. Alumni collaborate on professional ventures and volunteer on neighborhood projects. Around the city they maintain the lifelong friendships forged in high school.

Cretin-Derham Hall has developed a reputation as one of the finest Catholic secondary schools in the United States. This standing is well deserved and built on a tradition of excellence in both curricular and co-curricular opportunities. With your gift, we can continue this excellence in our school.

Maintaining Excellence

Excellence is a hallmark of the CDH experience, and under the leadership of our innovative and experienced faculty and staff, we are well positioned to remain on the front, delivering a first-rate education in a value-centered and faith-filled environment.  By making a gift to Cretin-Derham Hall, you will be adding to the excellence of our school.

Create a Legacy

If you are an alum, parent, or friend, you know that the legacy of excellence at Cretin-Derham Hall is unparalleled. By making a tax deductible gift, you are affirming the school's mission and continuing the legacy.

Every gift makes a difference and a gift made today will impact the life of a CDH student tomorrow.


Rob Bollinger
Vice President for Advancement
(651) 696-3343