When a student sustains a head injury, it is important that the student, parents or guardians, nurse, school counselor, teachers, physician and athletic trainer (if applicable) all work together to help the student recover. Communication is key.

If accommodations need to be made, we need to receive the recommended accommodations from the student’s physician and a release form. The student’s school counselor then uses this as a guideline to establish a CDH Plan of Accommodation. Once developed, this plan is shared with the student and their teachers. Until the student is symptom free, the school counselor will meet regularly with the student in order to provide support and adjust the accommodations as needed.

If the concussion is serious enough to keep a student out of school for more than one week:

  • Parents will provide the student’s school counselor with weekly updates on the student’s status.
  • These updates will be shared with the student’s teachers.
  • The effectiveness of the accommodations for each class will be reviewed and adjusted as needed.
  • Reviews will continue until the student returns to school and/or is symptom free. At that time all accommodations will come to an end.