College Application Contract

Please pick up this purple form contract in the counseling office and complete it two weeks before your first published college admission deadline.

Independent Study

Independent course work involves study beyond the scope of courses already offered in the school's curriculum. Courses taken on an Independent Study basis require exceptional initiative and responsibility of a student. Course content is to be covered by the student as an independent learner who receives guidance from a faculty member. Three unexcused absences from agreed upon meeting times with the faculty member may result in failure of the course. Any Independent Study designed to waive a required course is highly discouraged. Prior to the beginning an independent study, the student and faculty member must complete and return the Independent Study Application. Applications are found in Ms. Carroll’s office or you can download the Independent Study Form.

Pass/Fail Option

11th and 12th grade students may take one course per trimester on a Pass/Fail basis. These students must carry a full schedule and may not take a study hall or serve as a Teacher Aid. This Pass/Fail option does not apply to elective courses that fulfill the department requirement for graduation. Written approval of teacher, parents and Ms. Passman is required. Pass/Fail applications are found in the office of Ms. Carroll or you can download the Pass/Fail Form.

Physical Education Pass Option

All students with a final grade of B- or greater have the option of taking any Physical Education class on a Pass basis. Students must request the Pass option from their teacher by the last day of the trimester or the letter grade will stand. Students should see their Physical Education teacher for a pass application.

Teacher Aid/Office Aid

Teacher Aid duties are to be scheduled in place of a Study Hall, not in addition to a Study Hall, unless approved by Ms. Passman. Application forms are found in Ms. Carroll's office or can be downloaded from the link on this site.

NOTE: There is a separate form for students that would like to be a Teacher Aid for a Science teacher.

Teacher Aid for a Science Teacher Application
Teacher Aid Application

Providing Information to Military Recruiters - Opt Out Form

In accordance with the federal No Child Left Behind Act of 2001, high schools are required to release the names, addresses and telephone number(s) of students in grades 11 and 12 to military recruiters, unless their parents have refused to release this data to military recruiting officers. Students or parents interested in opting out need to turn in a signed form each year for both the 11th and 12th grades. Students age 18 or older can sign them. No gender distinction is made in the definition of “student.” Please return completed forms to Ms. Carroll in the Counseling Office.

Release of Information Form

A Release of Information (ROI) provides the school and another party permission to discuss information as agreed upon by the student’s parent or guardian. The other party could include but is not limited to a medical doctor, mental health therapist, psychologist or psychiatrist. The main purpose of an ROI is to facilitate a collaborative approach to providing services for the student.

Release of Information Form