The mission of the Science Department is to provide innovative, technological and progressive science offerings for students of all levels and interests that prepare them to become skilled citizens living in the global 21st century.


The Science Department of Cretin-Derham Hall provides science offerings for students of all ability levels including 4 AP course, 3 PACC courses for college credit and two CIS courses for college credit.

Graduation Requirements:

There is a three year requirement for graduation. 

This requirement may be met by a variety of combinations that fit individual student abilities and needs  Students are encouraged to get a broad background across the various fields of science before specializing in one area.  Students who apply to college must be aware that many colleges require three years of science, including one physical and one biological science.

Find out more about course options and class details, see the Science curriculum.

To contact one of our outstanding science teachers, take a look at our Staff Directory.