Physical Education

In each of our Physical Education and Health classes our goal is to:

  • help students improve their cardiovascular fitness.
  • develop a positive self-image.
  • increase knowledge to build a healthier life-style.
  • teach valuable lifetime activities.

In accordance with this goal, students may take any Physical Education class multiple times.


Graduation requirement:

Four trimesters of physical education and one trimester of health.

Students have several courses available to them to meet these requirements, including Yoga, Strength and Conditioning I and II, Activities, Racquet Sports, Women's Fitness and Outdoor Education. Students may take a course more than once.  Health is required in ninth grade, and is also available as a summer school course. 

Find out more about course options and class details, see the Phy Ed Curriculum.

To learn more about our Phy Ed department faculty or contact a teacher directly, take a look at our Staff Directory.