Academic Development

The purpose of the Academic Development Program is to provide compensatory and supplemental programs to those students who are in need of some type of academic support and to assist teachers with strategies to allow students to achieve.  Cretin-Derham Hall admits a broad range of students.  As a result of its mission, there are a number of students being served who are in need of programming to assist them in maximizing their potential in a traditional mainstream setting.

Learning Lab Curriculum

Services are offered through a Learning Lab course, which is a one-trimester, one credit course. The purpose of this course is to provide students who have specific learning needs with the academic support needed to be successful in their classes. Reading, writing, math and organizational support are given as needed. Students may register for this course with a recommendation from this department. A student can be enrolled in the course as long as the need exists.

Goals of the Learning Lab Course

  1. To achieve mainstream academic success
    • Adjustment to mainstream classes.
    • Completion of mainstream assignments.
    • Work with mainstream teachers to provide success
    • To develop study/organizational skills.
  2. To have students take ownership for their learning.
  3. To help students understand themselves, and gain the hope and confidence. necessary to manage their learning needs.
  4. To provide testing services to services when appropriate.
    • Oral testing may be provided for those students who are better at verbalizing than they are at written expression.
    • If a student needs more time or if a different environment is needed the Learning Lab classroom may be used.