Academic Development

The purpose of the Academic Development Program is to provide assistance to those students with diagnosed disabilities or diverse learning needs and to assist teachers with strategies that help students succeed. Cretin-Derham Hall admits a broad range of students. As a result of the CDH mission, we serve students with a variety of needs and abilities and provide the support for them to maximize their potentials.

Learning Lab Curriculum

Services are offered through a Learning Lab course, which is a one-trimester, one credit course. Support is given in the areas of reading, writing, math, organization, study skills, and self-advocacy. Students may register for this course with a recommendation from this department. A student may be enrolled in the course as long as the need exists.

Academic Accommodations

Based on the academic information provided and a realistic appraisal of school resources, CDH may develop a Learning Plan to meet the needs of the student. This plan is then shared with the student’s teachers and our best effort will be made to address the student’s individual needs. Parents/guardians, administration and staff may receive the plan and adjust it if needed.

In order to develop this plan, we need access to the following:
1. Any academic testing and related recommendations
2. The accommodation provided at the student’s last school
3. If applicable, the IEP or 504 Plans that have been in place.

Cretin-Derham Hall does not have active IEP or 504 plans, nor does it follow any plans kept open through your public school district. CDH may not be able to accommodate all students because of our existing resources.

Goals of the Learning Lab Course

  1. To assist students in achieving academic success
    1. Adjustment to classes
    2. Completion of assignments
    3. Collaboration with teachers
    4. Development of organizational skills
  2. To have students take ownership for their learning
  3. To help students understand themselves and gain the hope and confidence necessary to manage their learning needs
  4. To assist students in evaluating their strengths and weaknesses and in setting goals for each trimester
  5. To provide testing services when appropriate
    1. Oral testing
    2. Arrangements for extended time or a different environment for tests.