Clay Target Team

CDH 2018 Spring Clay Target Season Information


The Cretin-Derham Hall Clay Target Shooting Team is in our sixth year of competition. This year we are adding Skeet shooting as well as Sporting Clays.

The only pre-requisite for season participation is each athlete must possess his/her Hunter and Safety Education Certificate offered by the state DNR before they can compete. If you do not have this, please contact Gary Fischbach, our firearms safety coach. School Letters are awarded at season's end to those who meet the criteria offered by the team. As well, this sport is co-educational in nature, offering both young men and women an opportunity to compete side by side, and possibly discover hidden talents they didn't know they had. The shooting sports require good hand and eye coordination, and the maturity to stay focused on safety procedures. We encourage all students to give it a try regardless of previous experience. You may be very pleasantly surprised.

Questions we are asked every year are “do I need to have past shooting or hunting experience” or “do I need to own a shotgun”? The answer to both of these is no. We take beginners every year, we train you in both the safety and skill of the game. While it’s preferred at some point to have your own shotgun, we do not recommend buying one until you have had the opportunity to sample a few different guns. The team does have a limited supply of club guns for use.

Your four primary coaches, Dave Becker, Gary Fischbach, Chris Jacobson, and Jason Nabor are all NRA Certified Level I Shotgun Coaches. We will continue doing our best as adult facilitators and coaches to help introduce the Shotgun Shooting Sports to a generation of young people that may have had limited exposure to any of the shooting sports. We will focus on safety, fun, and competition respectively as we grow. 

Warm regards,

Dave Becker
Cretin-Derham Hall
Head Clay Target Shooting Coach

Important Dates

February 22: Captains and Coaches in Lunchroom, Lunch Hours @ CDH

February 20, 26 or 28: Parent/Student informational Meetings, 6 p.m. @ CDH Commons           

March 1: CDH Registration is complete

Shooting begins the week of April 1 and ends the week of May 27

Our shooting days are:
Primary - Tuesday 3-5:30 p.m.
Secondary - Wednesday, Friday

Week of:

April 01:                     Shooting

April 18:                     Shooting

April 15                      Shooting

April 22:                     Shooting 

April 29:                     Shooting

May 6:                        Shooting

May 13:                      Shooting

May 20:                      Shooting

May 27:                      Fun Week

End of season Championship tournament - June 2

We will shoot in two shifts starting at 3 p.m. and 4:30 p.m.

Coaches' Contacts

David Becker            Head Coach        612-209-5225

Gary Fischbach         Assistant Coach  651-247-6735

Chris Jacobson         Assistant Coach   

Curt Deaver               Assistant Coach

Jason Naber              Assistant Coach

2018 Student Captains
Dylan Jacobson
Jack Rymanowski       
Michael Deaver
Charlotte Conley