Clay Target Team

The 2018-19 Clay Target Shooting Team

CDH 2020 Spring Clay Target Season Information


Welcome to the Cretin-Derham Hall Clay Target Shooting Team home page. Our team competes in Trap, Skeet and Sporting Clays and is comprised of both boys and girls. Our primary competitive season is in the spring although we do have practice in the fall as well.  

The only pre-requisite for participation is each athlete must possess his/her Hunter and Safety Education Certificate offered by the state DNR before they can compete. If you do not have this, please contact Gary Fischbach, our firearms safety coach. School Letters are awarded at season's end to those who meet the criteria offered by the team. This sport offers both young men and women an opportunity to compete side by side, and possibly discover hidden talents they didn't know they had. The shooting sports require good hand and eye coordination, and the maturity to stay focused on safety procedures. 

Questions we are asked every year include, “Do I need to have past shooting or hunting experience?” and “Do I need to own a shotgun?” The answer to both of these is no. We take beginners every year; we train you in both the safety and skill of the game. While it’s preferred at some point to have your own shotgun, we do not recommend buying one until you have had the opportunity to sample a few different guns. The team does have a limited supply of club guns for use.

Mr. Chad Anderson is the Clay Target Team Activity Chair.  Field coaches include: Jason Naber, Gary Fischbach and Keith Jorgensen.  

We will continue doing our best as adult facilitators and coaches to help introduce the Shotgun Shooting Sports to a generation of young people that may have had limited exposure to any of the shooting sports. We will focus on safety, fun, and competition as we grow. 

Important Dates

The Clay Target Team will schedule practices on Wednesdays during the fall. Practice starts immediately after school at the South St. Paul Rod and Gun Club. Stay tuned for more important dates.


For the Spring of 2020 the Clay Target Team will hold practices on Wednesdays 3-5:30 and Saturday 10-12.  All practice is held at the South St. Paul Rod and Gun Club.

March 20
Team Member Registration Ends

Week of March 29
Practice Week 1

Week of April 5
Practice Week 2

Week of April 12th
Reserve Week

Week of April 19 through Week of May 17
Competition Weeks

Week of May 24
Fun Week!

June 8
Trap Shooting Championship

June 17-18
Skeet Shooting Championship

Coaches' Contacts

Activity Chair          Chad Anderson  

Coach                     Jason Naber      

Coach                     Gary Fischbach 

Coach                     Keith Jorgensen 

Team Captain         Allison Naber      

2019 CDH Awards

The CDH Clay Target Team finished very well in the Minnesota State High School Clay Target League 2019 Spring Season.  


1A - Conference 1  

  • CDH Trap Team - 1st Place Team 1A Conference 1

  • Dylan Jacobson '19 - Highest season average overall 1A - 24.10

  • Dylan Jacobson '19 - Male 1st Place Highest Season Average Conference 1  - 24.10

  • Stanley Lukas '19 - Male 3rd Place Highest Season Average Conference  1 – 22.50

  • Allison Naber '20 - Female 1st Place Highest Season Average Conference 1 - 22.80


1A - Conference 1  

  • CDH Skeet Team- 2nd Place Team 1A Conference 1 (only lost by 5 targets with only 4 shooters)

  • Dylan Jacobson '19 - Male 2nd Place Season Average Conference 1- 23.20

  • Stanley Lukas '19 - Male 3rd Place Season Average Conference 1- 21.70

  • Allison Naber '20 - Female 1st Place Highest Season Average Conference 1 – 16.70

2019 MNYESS Awards

Our team competed very well in the Minnesota Youth Education of the Shooting Sports.  MNYESS facilitates the shooting of the disciplines of Trap, Skeet, and Sporting Clays. There is also the Tri-Combo event for the kids that shoot all three disciplines.


Dylan Jacobson '19            1st Place (Boys)           24.17 Average

Stanley Lukas '19                3rd Place (Boys)          23.08 Average

Alison Naber '20                 1st Place (Girls)            22.92 Average 



Dylan Jacobson '19            1st Place (Boys)           23.08 Average

Stanley Lukas '19                2nd Place (Boys)         21.33 Average 

Alison Naber '20                  1st Place (Girls)           16.58 Average


Tri - Combo

Dylan Jacobson '19            1st Place (Boys)           270 Total

Stanley Lucas '19                2nd Place (Boys)         258 Total

Alison Naber '20                 1st Place (Girls)            219 Total 

Lettering Policy

CDH Lettering Policy - 3 Pathways to Letter.  A letter can be earned in both Trap and Skeet.  

(You need to fulfill the criteria for one of the following pathways to letter)

1)         Shoot an average of 18 – 25 shooting a minimum of 12 rounds in an event

2)         Shoot a perfect score of 25

3)         Active participation on the team for 4 years


Attendance: We hope you all will have perfect attendance. To letter, you may only miss twice throughout the spring season. If you are going to miss a week, you need to get prior approval from coaching staff.