Miss Nelson is Missing!

Cast and Crew Heads: Rehearsal starts on Monday, November 4 from 3 - 5:30. Please bring a 3 ring binder and a pencil. 

To everyone who auditioned:

I am so proud of you. Over half of those who auditioned did not make the play. THAT IS A LOT!!!! When I was auditioning you all, I kept writing, “I love her! I love him!”  And, that is true. I really wish I could find more parts for all of you. Please get involved! Note that there are some crew head positions open.  Do not let this be the end of your theater journey.  Peace, KK

Cast list:

Pop Hanson                     Kenna Lexau

Mr. Blandsworth               Joe Dietrich

Miss Nelson                     Chloe Anderson

Viola Swamp                    Bella McDonnell

Daily Announcements      Lucy Copps

Smog                               Catherine Tracy

Smoog                             Lily Schertler


Kids (You will all have names and parts, but I want to listen to you again on Monday)


Etta                      Lizzie Patterson

Edna                    Anna Ek

Elvis                    Brady Savaard

Lavita                   Luna Tekie

                           Michael Jaunich

                           Henry Larson

                           Johnny Gaertner

                           Maya Disher

                           Jesus Gutierrez

                           Chi Lan Ngo

                           Zoe Schearer

                           Billy Canter

                           Keegan Downes

                           Andrew Lennox

                           Ella Mooney

                           Charlotte Kennedy Budge

Crew Heads


Assistant Directors:       Isaac Nelson and Margaret Musolf

Archives Head:             Matt Sticha and Annika Anderson

Stage Manager:            Open

ASM’s:                           Nantale Bagurusi and Lucy Johnson

Makeup Heads:            *Chloe Franzen, Hunter Hansen, Lauren Disher and          Addison Keske (divide these, two for children, two for adults)

Lighting Head:              Betsy Rosemark (looking for a co-head)

Sound Head:                 Kate Dario (looking for a co-head)

House Managers:          Allison Naber, Eleanor Jablonic, Laura Seifert and Ethan Thompson

Costume Heads:            *Cherry Jordan, Emma Schuld, Harry Olander, Eli Awada

Publicity Heads:             Sophie Clausen, Rainy Strain and Chloe Schmidt

Shop Manager:              Audrey Faison

I am very eager to fill the remaining crew head positions! Priority will go to those who auditioned or signed up for a crew head and did not get it. Please email Ms. Kreitzer.

Script Sample
Rehearsal and Performance Calendar