She Kills Monsters


CDH Theater will not be producing The Highwaymen as a mainstage production. We are hoping that the show can be used as a reading within the CDH curriculum. 

Friday (11/20) at 3:15, we will hold a zoom meeting to discuss the replacement show, She Kills Monsters. After the zoom call, students can decide if they want to be a part of the show. 

Casting will be based on The Highwaymen auditions. If you auditioned for The Highwaymen and you did not make the list, we want to use you as a crew head.  I know several of you did not sign up to be a crew head, so please know that we will not be offended if you choose to back out.  I would just encourage everyone to hear about the show at the zoom meeting on Friday. 

Congrats CDH Theater. You are AWESOME. 


She Kills Monsters Cast List

Andrew Lennox - Chuck 
Karlie Reynolds - Kaliope/Kelly
Anna Ek - Lilith/Lily 
Teagan Foley - Vera 
Rainy Strain - Tillie
Dominic Anderson -  MIles
Annika Anderson - Agnes
Alex Ngo - Orcus/Ronnie 
Annabel Fulton - Farah the Faerie 
Evil Gabbi - Sam Pizinger
Evil Tina - Sarah Brost 
Evil Grace - Katherine Fritz
Narrators:  Calla Massari 
                 Mary Musolf 
Steve - Charlie Strain 

She Kills Monsters Crew List: 

Liam Clift (Props) 
Seamus Dougherty (AV) 
Chloe Anderson Archives 
Tatum Evans
B Kelly 
Maddie Schearer (Publicity) 
Addison Keske (Makeup Hair) 
Alice Spong 
Madigan Rios (Sound)