High School Musical 

*Congratulations everyone! What an incredible cast. First rehearsal is Monday March 1 at 3:00 on Zoom. Link will be sent to your email. This is going to be fun! I promise: If you put a lot of effort and positivity into the show, we will feature you as much as we can. 

us = understudy 



Troy Bolton - David Ek

Chad Danforth - Max Graf

Zeke Baylor - Danny Honsa 

Sharpay Evans - Anna Ek 

Ryan Evans - Billy Canter (also a jock) 

Gabrielle Montez - Pietra Rojas

Taylor McKessie - Molly Stanley

Martha Cox - Katherine Fritz

Ripper - Danny Weber (also jock) us Ryan

Mongo - Jack Mountain (also jock)

Jack Scott - Cage Linton (also jock) 

Kelsi Neilson - Tavery Un

Mrs. Darbus - Audrey Faison 


Cheerleaders/Dancers (and will be divided between brainiacs,  jock and theater geeks)

Annika Anderson

Sarah Craighead (Baton highlights) 

Addison Keske * Dance Captain

Karlie Reynolds  (us Gabriella) and Cyndra 

Ellen Murphy 

Julianna Cruz 

Molly Mooney

Leah Stolz 

Alice Spong *(Dance Captain)

Rainy Strain *(Dance Captain) 

Natalie Seng 



Dominic Anderson 

Katie Chestovich

Laura Evenson (us Troy)

Andrew Lennox 

Lily Hummel (us Sharpay)

Amelia Kelly 

Alice Guion 

Josie Thomas

Mallory Larsen


Brainiacs (several will also be Drama Geeks) 

Natalie Kline
Caroline Neurer us Darbus
Mary Musolf 
Sam Pizinger
Ivy Nguyen
Natasha Krieger
Olivia Reeder
Abby O’Brien
Keegan Kelly
Teagan Foley
Bryn Hansen
Natasha Kreiger
Luna McLeod (us Kelsi)
Annabel Fulton
Calla Massari (us Taylor)


Cameos in film: Hannah Fritz, Grayden Hummel Audrey Martinez, Brynn McDonald,  Sophia Thomas


Crew Heads

Publicity – Haley Sigler 

Archives and Film Assistant-  Maddie Schearer

House – TBD

Makeup/Hair – Sophie Moellner

Costumes – Sara Brost and Lily Schertler

Props - Kayla Wengleski

Stage Managers – Tatum Evans and Emma Coty