Holiday Inn 


Jim - 
Eli Awada

Linda - Emma Schuld

Ted - Hunter Hansen (Dance Captain) 

Lila - Lauren Disher 

Louise - Haidyn Kruse 

Charlie - Billy Canter 

Danny - Asher Cohen 

Daphne - Margaret Musolf (Understudy Lila) 

Sawyer - Peter Countryman (Understudy Ted) 

Ensemble – You will get to play numerous roles and be in numerous scenes! 

Ashley Olson
Eli Brotman
Maria Zago
Joe Dusek
Caroline Conley
Charlie Rogers
Bella McDonnell
Jimmy Reardon (understudy Jim)
Lizzie Patterson
Joe Peterson
Lan Ngo
Paul Levandowski
Annika Anderson
Zion Guerra 
Maya Disher
Max Karas (Understudy Danny) 
Laura Seifert
Johnny Gaertner
Teagan Foley
Isaac Johnson
Olivia Banas
Nick Guzik 
Sarah Craighead
Harry Olander 
Natalie Diekmann 
Lidya Berhane 
Molly Stanley
Rainy Strain 
Sam Pizinger 
Lolo Goodard 
Ana Cullen
Luna Tekie
Anna Ek (Understudy Linda) 
Lucy Johnson (Understudy Louise) 
Alice Spong (Dance Captain) 
Claire Davies (Understudy Charlie) 
Addison Keske (Dance Captain) 
On Stage Musician: Cecelia Shearon (Violin) Eli Awada (piano) others TBA

Congratulations to all who auditioned.  CDH Theater keeps getting stronger. It’s kind of AMAZING to witness. If you are not on the cast list, it is most likely due to your conflicts or conflict calendar. Please Please Please get actively involved in Crew 

There will be an understudy performance and we hope you all choose to perform. 

First Rehearsal: Monday Feb 24 at 3 pm in the Choir room. Bring a 3 ring binder and a pencil.  


Assistant Director:  Audrey Faison 

Stage Manager: Betsy Rosemark 

Sound Head:  Kate Dario and Josie Haigh 

Painting Heads:  Chloe Franzen and Aiden Vitek

Publicity Heads: Emma Coty and D’Aaliyah Johnson 

Props Head:  Isabel Korzillus and (available) 

Lighting Head:  B Kellly 

House Management: Nantale Bagurusi, Jane Grumbles Eleanor Jablonic

Hair and Makeup Heads:  Lily Hannahan, Lily Schertler, Caroline Peterson and Abigail Johnson 

Costume Head:  Maddie Schearer and Sydney Sommerfeld 

Archives:  Matt Sticha and Kiera Obsert

ASM’s :  (available) 

Shop Manager (available) 

Please email me if you are interested in the above positions. 

First Crew Head Meeting: Monday, Feb. 24 3 pm Choir room