Academic Departments

Students at CDH our exposed to a broad spectrum of courses to help them become critical thinkers, collaborative learners, and well prepared for college and life. 


Engage all learners, no matter their skill set, interest, or learning strategies to understand Literature, foster a personal practice of reading, and develop competency in academic writing. 

Students will use these skills across multiple disciplines, with the expectation that students will be college-ready communicators.

The CDH Advantage

  • PSAT and ACT scores significantly exceed
    state and national averages

  • Extensive college credit options at U of M and Saint Mary’s University of MN

  • Unique interdisciplinary courses for 9th graders (Values) and 12th graders (Spectrum)

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We welcome students where they are, affirm their dignity, while supporting their growth and development of spiritual practices that will waken and sustain them.

The CDH Advantage

  • Sponsored by the Sisters of St. Joseph and the Christian Brothers

  • 4 years Religion required

  • "Values" - a unique interdisciplinary course for all 9th graders (English, Social Studies, Religion)

  • Justice Education Trips (Local & International)

  • Justice Week