iPad Program

The CDH iPad Program Basics, in conjunction with the Responsible Use Principles, establishes guidelines for acceptable use of iPads for CDH community members. It applies whether the device used is student-owned or issued to the student by CDH. The iPad Program is based on a philosophy of:

  • Upholding the mission and values of Cretin-Derham Hall;
  • Protecting the safety and security of faculty/staff and student information;
  • Maintaining the integrity of the Cretin-Derham Hall network;
  • Facilitating the use of technology tools for teaching and learning.

The CDH Administration may introduce new rules and procedures to the policy, or modify existing ones, and reserves the right to interpretation at any time. 


Cretin-Derham Hall will issue an iPad to each student at the start of the school year. Students are required to abide by the Responsible Use Principles.

Personally owned iPads must be enrolled in the CDH MDM system by a member of the Technology Staff. 

Student use of iPads is a privilege and its use is conditional upon compliance with the school’s Responsible Use Principles and iPad Program Basics, copyright compliance, and other policies and procedures. Cretin-Derham Hall retains ownership of iPads, cases and power cords issued to students. 



The $185 technology fee includes use of an iPad (charger and cable) device cover, CDH required apps, troubleshooting and repairs (additional fees required for damage due to negligence or intentional mishandling).

Use of Personally Owned iPads

Only students in grade 12 are able to use a personally-owned iPad. The iPad must be new enough to our CDH required apps. They will be charged an $85 technology fee to cover apps and other program expenses. Note that students are subject to the provisions of the CDH iPad Policy / AUP/RUP regardless of whether they are using a school-owned or personally-owned device. This may limit the personal apps and material that can be stored on the iPad. The iPad must be available to the student each school day, as well as outside of school hours for homework.


Apple IDs

All students are required to use the CDH Apple Managed IDs. The Apple IDs and passwords will be provided to the students.

Daily Use

iPad devices are intended for school use each day, both for classroom work, and for delivery of school messages, announcements, calendars, and email. Students are responsible for checking communication from their teachers and school.

Students are required to bring their fully charged devices to school each day. If they fail to bring their iPad, or have an uncharged device, they are still responsible for the completion of all coursework in a timely manner. Students are not to lend or borrow iPads for any reason. Failure to have a usable device at school may result in student detention. 


Students and teachers are encouraged to receive and submit documents electronically. In those cases where printing is required, students are allowed to wirelessly print from the iPads to designated printers within CDH.