Fine Arts at CDH

At Cretin-Derham Hall, we believe the fine arts stimulate and satisfy the human need for active participation in the creative process. We emphasize active participation: the study and creation of works of art. We also develop the creative process: developing the techniques and skills required to produce art. Both of these elements nurture students’ senses, emotion, and intellect. Our fine arts program provides a basis for life-long enrichment and personal growth.

Fine Arts in the Classroom

Graduation Requirement: 3 credits

The fine arts at Cretin-Derham Hall currently include choral music, instrumental music, media arts, the visual arts, and theater. Our fine arts department offers a broad range of different electives including concert, pep, marching and jazz band, several choirs, numerous acting courses, three levels of ceramics and photo, beginning and advanced levels of drawing and painting, as well as several other electives. 

9th Grade

  • Beginning Band, Concert Band, Band
  • CDH Choral Artists, Concert Choir, Music Appreciation, Music Theory
  • Acting 1, 2
  • Improvisation 1
  • Musical Theater, Creativity
  • Drawing 1, Drawing 2 - Advanced, Painting 1, Printmaking

10th, 11th, 12th Grade

  • Beginning Band, Concert Band, Band - Honors
  • CDH Choral Artists, The Chamber Singers, The Chamber Singers - Honors, Honors Choir, Music Appreciation, Music Theory, Concert Choir
  • Acting 1, Acting 2 - Advanced or Honors,
  • Improv 1, Improv 2 - Advanced or Honors
  • Musical Theater, Technical Theater/Shop, Creativity
  • Drawing 1 - College Prep, Drawing 2 - Advanced, Drawing 3 - Honors
  • Painting 1 - College Prep, Painting 2 - Advanced, Painting 3 - Honors
  • Ceramics 1 - College Prep, Ceramics 2 - Advanced, Ceramics 3 - Honors
  • Photography 1 - College Prep, Photography 2 - Advanced, Photography 3 – Honors
  • Jewelry Making, Printmaking, Graphic Design
  • Yearbook

The fine arts department welcomes, nurtures, and challenges all students from the absolute beginners to those with extensive experience. Students are required to take three trimester credits in the fine arts, but most students take many more.  

To find out more about course options and class details, see the our curriculum guide.

The CDH Advantage!

  • Theater
    • Four major productions each year in theater and annual trips offered
  • Choir
    • 4 Choirs
  • Band
    • Five Areas of Band Focus (Concert, Pep, Marching, Jazz, Pit Orchestra)
    • Two band trips offered over four years
  • 16 Studio Art Courses
  • Exceptional Fine Art Facilities
  • Annual Art Show
    • Each spring the Cretin-Derham Hall Visual Arts department puts on a gallery show featuring student artwork during Fine Arts Week. The show officially opens on Tuesday evening with a reception for families and friends and is up through Friday afternoon. The artwork is a combination of ceramics, drawing, paintings, photographs, sculpture, printmaking, and more created by CDH students. The gallery remains open throughout the school day for all to enjoy. Classes are encouraged to come and see the display.

The Fine Arts Faculty

Take a look at our Staff Directory to contact any of our Fine Arts faculty members.