Fine Arts

At CDH, we believe the fine arts stimulate and satisfy the human need for active participation in the creative process.

Active participation: the study and creating of works of art.

Creative process: developing the techniques and skills required to produce art.

Both of these elements nurture students’ senses, emotion, and intellect. Our fine arts program provides a basis for life-long enrichment and personal growth. 

Department and Staff

The fine arts at Cretin-Derham Hall currently includes choral music, instrumental music, media arts, the visual arts, and theater. Our fine arts department offers a broad range of different electives including two bands, several choirs, numerous acting courses, three levels of ceramics and photo, beginning and advanced levels of drawing and painting, as well as several other electives.  

To learn more about our talented Fine Arts faculty or contact a teacher directly, take a look at our Staff Directory


The fine arts department welcomes, nurtures, and challenges all students from the absolute beginners to those with extensive experience. Students are required to take three trimester credits in the fine arts, but most students take many more.  

To find out more about course options and class details, see the Fine Arts Curriculum.