Goals of the Dismantling Racism Initiative

As a school, our faith and our founders call us to dismantle racism within ourselves and within our system. We have the power and the responsibility to support our students in becoming citizen leaders who can participate in and will impact a more just society. 

To that end, Cretin-Derham Hall is committed to two significant goals over the next decade: 

  1. Challenge students, faculty, and our families to identify and minimize racism and racist attitudes in our personal lives.
  2. Assess and change the culture of Cretin-Derham Hall to ensure that systems are in place needed to dismantle racism and support a commitment to anti-racism. 

Implementation Overview 

With the CDH Board of Director’s support, a steering committee, of teachers, staff, students, and Board members will be established to set goals and implement the plan. This effort will launch after the return to campus for the school year. This group will be tasked with setting immediate and long-term goals and implementation plans. 

CDH has commissioned Dr. Anton Treuer, a highly respected consultant on racial disparities, to guide our school through the difficult but critical discussions that have to happen within our school community in order to make progress.
In no particular order, priorities may include:

  • Review of curriculum and inherent racial bias in academic resources
  • Provide dynamic presentations each year which will be designed to challenge and support students and faculty in awareness of racial bias.
  • Renew the focus on our Catholic faith and our Catholic Social Teachings as a guiding light as we work to bring justice to the dear neighbor.
  • Assess policies/procedures that currently exist within CDH that unwittingly promote racial disparities.
  • The CDH community will be updated on initiatives related to both short-term and long-term progress.

As a community of diverse learners, Cretin-Derham Hall must be intentional and committed to dismantling racism within ourselves, our homes, and our school.   This work will take time, but it can no longer be ignored.

May we grow with the grace of God and go forth and lead in a world desperate for a more just society.