Apps, Downloads, Music, & Games

CDH Required Apps

All students must install all CDH-required apps. After careful review for educational appropriateness, some apps for ages 17 and above may be required. Students must update these apps, as needed. The use of these apps is up to the classroom teacher or personnel supervising a designated area or event. 

Personal Apps, Music, & Games

Pads are being implemented for educational activities. If unacceptable items are installed on the iPad, the device will be restored to its original content/image. CDH does not accept responsibility for the loss of any apps, music, games, or documents deleted from a student iPad due to a reformat and/or re-image of the iPad.

iPads are provided for educational use. Gaming or any other non-academic use during class periods is not allowed. Teachers are responsible to enforce a positive learning environment.

All violations must be reported to the Deans of Students. Consequences will include:

  • 1st violation) 1 hour detention
  • 2nd violation) Saturday detention
  • 3rd violation) Parents will be notified and iPad will be locked to restrict use to only CDH required apps.