Security & Privacy

Students are expected to

    • Refrain from attempting to use another student’s or teacher’s assigned iPad, subscriptions, log-ins, files, or personal information.
    • Refrain from sharing log-in information such as passwords, and from logging in as another person.
    • Refrain from giving out personal information, such as name, address, photos, or other identifying information online.
    • Refrain from removing or attempting to remove asset or identification tags on hardware or cases. 

Altering iPad Settings

iPad restrictions are to be set only by the Technology staff. If a parent or student sets restrictions without the knowledge of the Tech staff, the student may have difficulty- completing class work, and the Tech staff will return the iPad to the original image. Parents who have concerns about their student’s use of the iPad should contact the appropriate dean. 

Screensavers & Background Images

Any image or media on student iPads must reflect the mission and values of CDH. Any image or media deemed inappropriate by CDH may not be used. 


Each student device must be protected with a four-digit password. Passwords must be kept confidential. 

Students are required to unlock the iPad at the request of any staff member, or parent/guardian. Parents/guardians are encouraged to regularly check the content of students’ iPads.