Jane Metzger von Haden '80

Metzger Building Materials, President


 How has your high school experience impacted your life?

First and foremost, my years at Derham Hall left me with lifelong friendships that bring me joy and feed my soul. The relationships that were forged in those four years have lasted four decades. Today I see many of my Derham friends regularly. We laugh together, volunteer together, celebrate together and support one another.  I am proud to be an alumni of Derham Hall.

What advice would you give a current CDH student?

Be kind to your fellow classmates. Over time, people will forget a lot of things, but they often remember when someone shows them kindness.

What does being a graduate of Derham Hall mean to you?

I am proud to be an alumni of Derham Hall. And, I am in very good company as so many former Dollies are now outstanding role models for young women. 

What is your favorite memory of high school?

It is more of an overview of all four years. I remember having lots of fun goofing around and acting immature and crazy. I also remember wanting to try hard for my teachers and classmates. I needed the teachers and my classmates to guide me and keep me in line. It gave me the confidence to forge ahead.

Why is it important to you to support our school?

I am grateful for so many blessings in my life. I watched as my parents generously supported the school. It was easy for me to follow their lead. It is important to help organizations that support my family and my community and Cretin-Derham Hall does just that.