9th Graders and Parents Celebrate Mass

October 27, 2021

This morning, we welcomed ninth graders and their parents to celebrate Mass together. Many parents of our newest students were able to take time out of their day to sit with their children and celebrate the beginning of high school and their shared faith.

"The ninth-grade parent mass is another way to welcome our ninth-graders to the community," said Campus Minister Mark McGuire. "We are a Catholic school and celebrating the eucharist is a foundational part of what we do. Celebrating a special Mass with the parents at the beginning of ninth grade and then at the end of their senior year (Baccalaureate) offers meaningful bookends to the stories they create in between."

The Mass was celebrated by Father Dan Haugan, the priest at Holy Spirit. This annual event is special for both parents and students.

"It is powerful for students to take time and reflect on the importance of parents or guardians in their lives and this provides that time and space," McGuire said. "They are with their friends, those people that will shape their future; and with their parents or guardians, the people that have made them who they are today, celebrating the mass and each other. It also gives parents and guardians another opportunity to show their love and support for their children."

Thank you to the parents who joined us this morning, and to Father Dan Haugan.


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