Alum Gives Back to CDH Biology Department

May 24, 2023

Dr. Tim Scanlan ‘64, physician and addiction specialist, returned to Cretin-Derham Hall to speak to students about his profession and to share his journey from student to successful medical practitioner. His visit was especially significant as he and his wife, Dr. Kim Scanlan, had recently donated state-of-the-art biology equipment to CDH, further emphasizing their commitment to supporting CDH in their mission to educate and nurture young minds.

Speaking about his profession with Ms. Froehle’s Anatomy class, Dr. Tim Scanlan captivated the students with his knowledge. “I thought Dr. Scanlan was super interesting to listen to.” said Lilly Anderson ‘23. “His story of switching to addiction counseling during his career was really cool to hear. The equipment he donated has played a huge part in our learning this year and I am so grateful that we were able to do these amazing labs that most people do not have access to, due to the Scanlans’ generosity.“

Ms. Froehle was especially thrilled with the new equipment which enhances the Science curriculum. “The donation from Drs. Tim and Kim Scanlan have allowed us to purchase Biology equipment and materials to bring higher level learning opportunities to CDH.” 

Many Anatomy labs use bluetooth sensors for data gathering and analysis, for example the EKG.  Dr. Scanlan commented that he never even got the opportunity to read (let alone ‘do’ an EKG) until he was well into medical school. 

He also loved watching students gather data on lung volumetrics and gas exchange.  “The materials we were able to purchase make complicated labs mobile for students iPads, easier to analyze, and definitely fun for the students,” noted Dr. Scanlan.

Giving Back 

Dr. Scanlan’s visit to CDH served as a powerful reminder that success is not merely defined by personal achievements but also by one's commitment to giving back. 

His journey from student to esteemed physician and addiction specialist showcased the power of education, perseverance, and a genuine desire to make a difference in the lives of others.

“It was a pleasure to hear Dr. Scanlan's real-word experiences and advice for our students.” said Ms. Froehle. “His experience in medical school, various hospital roles and working in addiction medicine helped kids realize that life takes many twists and turns after college.  His generosity inspired them to always remember to give back.”  


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