Asian American Pacific Islander Month Is Celebrated with Cultural Showcase

May 7, 2024

Keyon Archer '25 and Xinyue (Luna) Cui '25

CDH hosted a cultural celebration on April 29 just ahead of Asian American Pacific Islander Month. Organized by Kenneth Udoibok '16Student Advocate, the event featured student speakers Xinyue (Luna) Cui '25 and Keyon Archer '25, along with performances by two cultural groups.

Udoibok explained the selection process for the speakers, aiming for diversity by choosing speakers from different genders and Asian backgrounds. The goal was to offer a wide range of cultural perspectives with the students sharing their specific cultural stories.

A highlight of the event was the performances, starting with TaikoArts Midwest, known for Japanese drumming. They showcased the artistry and tradition of Taiko drumming and even brought some students and staff on-stage to try out the drums. The Hmong College Prep Academy was up next, with their varsity and junior varsity teams performing traditional Hmong dances.

Featuring different cultural groups and student stories, the event aimed to broaden students' understanding and appreciation for Asian American Pacific Islander culture.


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