CDH Students Tutor Somali Neighbors

By Ceara Curry, St. Joseph Worker
May 8, 2019

Ceara Curry with CDH students and members of the TASHO community.

This year, CDH had the unique opportunity to partner with the TASHO Community in Minneapolis, a nonprofit dedicated to serving the local Somali community. It all began with an article published in Together back in the early fall that was shared with me by Lou Anne Tighe, CSJc.

Agnes Foley, CSJ and Fadumo Abdinur, a graduate of Learning in Style, worked together to reach out to the community in search of volunteers. Fadumo was starting an after-school tutoring program for Somali youth in Minneapolis and needed tutors. Having a huge passion for interfaith and intercultural dialogue and understanding, as well as tutoring, I jumped at the opportunity to give students the experience of working with and getting to know our Somali neighbors. This developed into a wonderful after-school service opportunity called “Tutor Thy Neighbor.” I had the honor of taking CDH students along twice a month to tutor and mentor the youth at TASHO.

It was wonderful to see the relationships and connections that were made between CDH students and the TASHO youth. Cretin-Derham Hall will continue this partnership in the future and I wish the TASHO Community all the best as Fadumo continues to partner with local high schools and colleges so that TASHO can continue to provide these youth with academic support, mentorship and a strong sense of community.


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