CDH Welcomes Inspirational Speaker Tasha Schuh

September 7, 2023

In a special assembly at CDH, students and staff had the privilege of welcoming inspirational speaker Tasha Schuh. Tasha, whose mission is to equip youth and educators with resilience for mental and emotional health, delivered a compelling message that left a lasting impact on the CDH community.

Tasha Schuh's journey to becoming a motivational speaker started with her own life-changing experience. At the age of 16, she faced a devastating theater accident that left her paralyzed from the chest down. However, through her determination and the development of the PATH framework (Purpose, Attitude, Team, and Hope), Tasha not only overcame immense adversity but also embraced a vibrant and fulfilling life.

Tasha's speech centered around the four pillars of her PATH framework, which she believes are essential for building resilience. Her message resonated deeply with CDH students and staff.

Katie Shead, the CDH counselor responsible for inviting Tasha, explained the reasoning behind her choice of speaker. "When looking for speakers regarding mental and emotional health, Tasha really stuck out. She has a message to get across that's grounded in experience and memorable because of her unique story. And it was apparent she tells her story with a mix of realism, pulling at your heartstrings, and having fun. That makes for a good speaker with a lasting impression."

The impact Tasha had on CDH students was evident throughout her presentation. "Tasha is the type of speaker you hope for," Katie Shead said. "She clearly reached the students with her message. They were exceptionally attentive when she spoke, they participated with enthusiasm when she asked, and there was a standing ovation at the end. Many students went to talk with her and take pictures afterwards too (plus with her husband Doug!). Not every speaker you hear while in high school sticks with you, but if the attention Tasha held is any indicator, our students will carry something from her message with them for many years to come."

Tasha's overall message of resiliency was encapsulated in her PATH framework. "I think Tasha's overall message was resiliency," said Shead. "You can be resilient, and there's a PATHway for it. Purpose, Attitude, Team, and Hope. Whether it's a simple disappointment or a traumatic event, you can move through it and reach a place of peace, happiness, hope, and purpose on the other side."

Tasha also had the support of CDH students known as "student ambassadors." These students played a vital role in ensuring the success of her presentation, from introducing her to starting the assembly, to engaging the audience with stress balls and distributing PATH cards to students as they left the event. Their dedication added to the overall impact of Tasha's visit to CDH, making it a memorable and transformative experience for everyone.




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